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Application advantages of vacuum aluminized paper in the packaging industry. In recent years, it can be used to produce excellent surface. After arriving in China, its comprehensive promotion will become the general trend of the development of packaging industry. It will become a leader in packaging paper with its excellent performance and characteristics. This paper mainly introduces the application of vacuum aluminized paper in different fields in recent years

cigarette packaging

cigarette packaging and cigarette carton packaging can be made after printing with aluminum sprayed cardboard with 230g cigarette packaging white cardboard as the base material. Because the thickness of aluminum layer of aluminum sprayed paperboard is only 0.02 μ, It is one hundredth of the aluminum foil used for composite paperboard, and uses less aluminum. Therefore, it is a kind of packaging material that saves the earth's resources. After the cigarette box packaging is discarded, its aluminum layer will be oxidized in a short time, which will not cause environmental pollution. After the waste is collected, it can also be returned to the paper mill for recycling. At present, most of the transfer aluminum spray paper is used to replace the original composite gold and silver cardboard to print high-grade cigarette labels or wine boxes. The direct aluminum spray paper is mainly used to print beer trademark paper and cigarette lining paper

wine packaging

aluminum spray wine label paper made of imported base paper has the properties of water resistance, waterproof and not easy to curl. It is mainly used for labels of printable and recyclable glass bottles (including body mark, back mark and neck mark, etc.). This kind of aluminum spray paper has good alkali resistance and alkali penetration, good printing performance, bottle sticking performance and good off label performance when washing bottles. In order to give the wine label paper an elegant effect, the surface embossing method can be used. The pattern of the whole plane makes the label have a special charm

in September, 2003, Quanxing group's high-end flagship product "music Quanxing Daqu" was grandly launched. It boldly adopted a new environmental friendly vacuum aluminizing transfer material, creating a precedent for the use of this material in wine box packaging. Through the unique packaging creativity, the consistent medium and low-grade image of Quanxing will be upgraded to medium and high-grade, so that the tired Quanxing brand will be prosperous again from the trough. Quanxing group chose it as the new packaging of its main brand, mainly as follows: first, it reflects the corporate image of large enterprises that attach importance to environmental protection; 2、 Cater to the trend that consumers advocate drinking civilized wine and healthy wine, and lay the foundation for future product export; 3、 The new packaging is original and difficult to counterfeit

food and medicine packaging

food and medicine, but sometimes the test results can not well reflect the quality of products in actual use. Aluminum spray paper is used for packaging, which can be used to solve the problem that powdered drugs packaged with composite packaging film are not easy to pour out the powder due to electrostatic attraction. Aluminum spray packaging paper is divided into two types: low gram weight (less than 50g) and high gram weight (more than 300g). Aluminum spray paper has good fastness of aluminum layer, no dealumination during kink packaging, and good printing performance. The base paper used in the production of aluminum spray paper does not contain fluorescent brightener, and the chemical raw materials used are odorless and non-toxic, meeting the FDA standards. Low gram heavy spray aluminum packaging paper is mainly used for packaging candy, chocolate, gum and other products. It not only has the flexibility of paper, but also has the air barrier performance of aluminum foil composite paper

cosmetics packaging

the outer packaging of cosmetics is very exquisite in design and material selection. In the face of today's increasingly competitive market, the packaging of cosmetics must be innovative and different, so the demand for new packaging materials is also imminent. Vacuum aluminized paper, a new generation of packaging materials entering the Chinese packaging market, has many advantages, such as beauty, high-grade and environmental protection, and will become the focus of attention in the selection of packaging materials for high-grade cosmetics

four advantages of vacuum aluminized paper

first, a major problem of modern packaging, which is also the subject of constant discussion and exploration in the packaging industry - environmental protection. Vacuum aluminized packaging material is a new type of composite environmental protection packaging material, which gradually replaces aluminum foil composite paper as aluminum paper substrate. It is a kind of green packaging material that can be recycled and degraded in soil, and can save metal resources

II. It has metallic luster and is easy to print. The packaging made of this material is beautiful and fashionable. Vacuum aluminized paper is printed with transparent and colorful inks, which can show noble and rich metallic luster, and also show that the products are of high grade

III. vacuum aluminized paper is easy to be processed by laser holography and has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. According to the needs of different cosmetics, flash laser logo or specific beautiful patterns can be made on the outer packaging, which is both beautiful, fresh and easy to identify. The international packaging industry puts forward five comprehensive indicators for anti-counterfeiting packaging materials: timeliness, aesthetics, recognition, universality and economy. The excellent characteristics of laser anti-counterfeiting vacuum aluminum spraying paper (card) are very close to the above five comprehensive indicators, and it is an ideal anti-counterfeiting packaging material. It is formed by loading laser holographic patterns or text signals onto the surface of aluminum spray paper by molding. Its laser brightness is higher than that of ordinary laser packaging machine 'target=_ Blank> the brightness of the transparent film is several times stronger, and the laser pattern cannot be erased

IV. cost advantage becomes another advantage of aluminized materials. In june2004, this newspaper investigated the use of vacuum aluminized paper in 36 key tobacco enterprises for the second time. Through in-depth exchanges with the relevant principals of Nanjing Cigarette Factory, Zhaotong cigarette factory, Yanji Cigarette Factory and other tobacco enterprises, we learned that aluminized paper has more economic advantages than aluminum foil composite paper in terms of cost. The price advantage of vacuum aluminized paper is mainly reflected through its material technology, because the aluminum layer thickness of vacuum aluminized paper is only 0.006 ~ 0.016 μ m. Is the thickness of aluminum foil composite paper (0.02 ~ 0.04 μ m) The actual use area of vacuum aluminized paper is larger when the purchase weight is the same, and from the current market price, the price per ton of aluminized material is also more economical than aluminum foil composite. In addition, with the continuous maturity of aluminum plating technology, its yield and transfer film reuse rate are increasing in the actual use process, and the comprehensive cost is gradually decreasing, which provides the possibility for the further promotion and use of aluminum plating materials and the further reduction of packaging costs of tobacco enterprises

if vacuum aluminized material is used as cigarette lining paper, compared with composite aluminum foil cigarette lining paper, the cost of each box of cigarette lining paper can be saved by 0.0041 yuan. In this way, every 10000 boxes of cigarette lining paper can not be separated from the enthusiastic participation of the majority of enterprises, and the cost saved will be a considerable figure; In terms of outsourcing, compared with composite aluminum foil materials, vacuum aluminum plating materials can increase the use area by 200 square meters per ton under the same purchase weight, which can be converted into 400 sets of cigarette labels. More importantly, at present, vacuum aluminizing materials can also improve the production efficiency of tobacco enterprises. Generally, composite aluminum foil materials are used for cigarette machine packaging, and the speed can reach 320 boxes/minute. However, vacuum aluminizing materials are used, according to the adjustment of cigarette machines by various cigarette factories, the maximum speed can reach 420 boxes/minute, and generally the speed can reach 380 ~ 400 boxes/minute

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