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Analysis of CD printing production process problems (III)

3. Other aspects

3.1 UV lamp tube

in order to fully dry the printing ink, the UV lamp must be designed with sufficient strength to completely dry the UV ink or varnish of the printed matter, and the printing speed, the thickness of the ink film and the brightness of the oil and ink color also have a certain impact on the drying effect. Generally, the type of printing machine and the suitable UV lamp should be considered when installing UV lamp

in multicolor overprint, if you print a dark color with high color concentration on one or two overlapping colors, it will especially increase the difficulty of overall drying, because UV light is quickly absorbed by the pigment of deep ink. Generally, the drying difficulty of four-color UV ink is magenta, yellow, cyan and black in order

some colors are also very difficult to work with children. For example, green is made of yellow and cyan; Opaque colors are also difficult to dry because they reflect UV light back. The same metal color, gold and silver also have the same problem

the lamps that are too old cannot dry, and the spot market price of imported ore is weak and stable; Some market prices in the main producing areas of domestic mines fell; Weak operation of billet market; Coke spot market is stable and strong; The strong rebound in the shipping market will cause trouble for printing with dry UV ink or varnish. Most of the instructions of the UV lamp indicate that the UV lamp must be replaced after about 1000 hours. In fact, if the printed matter cannot be completely dried at the positive printing speed, the replacement of the UV lamp must be considered to avoid affecting the overall quality of printing

3.2 reflector

if there is no UV lamp reflector, about 80% of the UV light will not shine on the substrate because of diffusion. Therefore, the UV lamp must be equipped with a lampshade to reflect the UV light and focus on the surface of the substrate. The importance of the reflector cannot be ignored

the reflector must be cleaned and maintained, and it is best to maintain the same function as the new one. Don't let the working piston fall to the bottom of the oil cylinder. Some powder chips or dust generated during drying are easy to adhere to the reflector, which will affect the reflection effect of the UV lamp. The UV lamp shade should be cleaned frequently to prevent powder chips and dust from affecting the drying effect

(author: Guo Chaoran)

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