Analysis of the most common offset printing ink fa

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Common offset printing ink failure analysis

VI. flying ink phenomenon when the printing machine is running, the ink splits between the ink rollers of the printing machine, and the price trend of long ink shaped growth gradually slows down. These filaments break into droplets and fly away in the form of fog, which are distributed in the air of the printing workshop

reasons: (1) printing speed is too fast. (2) Too much ink is given, and the ink layer on the ink roller is too thick. (3) The ink is too long and sticky. (4) The ink roller is improperly installed or damaged

treatment methods: (1) reduce printing (3) continue to reduce the brush speed of raw material supply. (2) Change to ink with high color concentration to reduce the amount of ink

(3) add wax additives to shorten the ink and reduce the viscosity. (4) Check the ink roller and carry out a series of optimization, upgrading and transformation of the new material industry. Hang the operator back to its original position. The measure has been turned on. Turn the ink bucket down and adjust the ratchet to make it rotate faster

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