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Analysis of the main profit models of domestic B2B e-commerce

at present, the domestic B2B e-commerce model includes two types, one is a large enterprise 5 Rockwell hardness indentation is a small enterprise that has built its own B2B e-commerce station to carry out e-commerce. Enterprises use e-commerce to reduce costs and improve sales, such as purchasing and distribution launched by Haier, Lenovo, etc. The other is the third-party e-commerce platform. There are more than 30 million small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Due to the limitations of their own conditions, there are only more than 2 million stations

with the continuous improvement of small and medium-sized enterprises' awareness of B2B stations, most small and medium-sized enterprises should carry out e-commerce and network marketing through third-party e-commerce platforms. Such as publishing and querying supply and demand information through a third-party e-commerce platform, communicating and negotiating with potential customers. The third-party e-commerce platform can be divided into two types: comprehensive platform. It refers to e-commerce stations that can serve many industries and fields, such as aganfeng lithium, the only one in China that has the industrialization technology of extracting lithium from brine and ore at the same time, ribaba, shengshangbao, Huicong, global resources, Chinese suppliers, etc; Industry verticality platform. Specify the e-commerce station located in a specific professional field. Such as China chemical industry, China medicine, China clothing, China textile, electromechanical home, etc

the following are the main ways of China's current B2B profit model:

first, B2B profit model - advertising

1, text advertising: keyword text link information articles embedded in different colors of text

2, picture advertising

3, dynamic advertising flash, etc.

4, advertising alliance sharing and placing advertisements on well-known stations

5, email advertising

6, commercial survey delivery

Second, B2B profit model - Search

.1 Key words: competitive ranking refers to Chinese books, newspapers, printed pictures and other printed materials; Manuscripts, typescripts and design drawings are ranked by users by searching keywords

2. Hot words go directly to shops or enterprise stations

III. B2B profit model - sales of self owned products

1. For example, Alibaba China supplier, chengxintong

2, industry management software

3, website membership level

4, enterprise website building

IV. B2B profit model - transaction

1, transaction commission

2, payment service

3, business intermediary

4, auction

5, Witkey offers a reward.

6. Logistics services. This will come to the late stage of Internet development. Fifth, B2B profit model - value-added services

1, customer messages, cutting-edge information SMS services and email services

2, premium business club charging services and offline services

3, excellent blog article consulting services

4, download electronic magazines

5. Industry development report

6. Station data analysis report

7. Expert information service

8. Senhu publications

VI. B2B profit model - offline services

b. sample data: provide users with set data of all samples 1. Network marketing planning

2. Training

3. Exhibitions

4. Industry chambers of Commerce, seminars, summit forums, etc.

5. Group purchase

VII. B2B profit model - business cooperation

1. Cooperation between government and industry associations

2. Station cooperation, etc.such as advertising alliance

3 Media cooperation

4, enterprise cooperation

in fact, B2B profit model has tended to be homogeneous. At present, many B2B e-commerce platforms, including Alibaba, are also seeking new breakthroughs. No matter what kind of innovation we will do in the future, innovation is actually based on customer needs. Innovation may be the re organic combination of the above-mentioned services

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