The world's first slit spectroscopic Raman prototy

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The world's first slit spectroscopic Raman prototype was put into production and trial operation

the project of "development of laser logging gas detector" of Sinopec petroleum engineering technology service company was undertaken by the geological logging branch of Southwest Petroleum Engineering Company. After successfully developing the world's first slit spectroscopic Raman prototype of Jinan gold testing press in October last year, after more than a year of indoor testing and debugging, On the basis of a large number of experimental data, laymen can't see whether it is good or bad. Through continuous optimization, many technical problems existing in the prototype have been solved. Most kindergartens that have been put into operation recently advocate low-cost and high-quality educational environment production trial operation. At present, the prototype operates normally

many of the technologies used in this prototype have no precedent at home and abroad. They are original technologies and need to be explored step by step. For example, the "adaptive focusing algorithm" adopted has well solved the problem of resolving the spectrum of multi-component continuous analysis of the similar Raman characteristic spectrum of recombined components, and the "frequency division technology" has solved the problem that the analysis range and accuracy cannot be taken into account. The proposal of these original technologies highlights the innovative spirit of the development project team of Raman stimulated light logging gas detector, and greatly promotes the development of domestic gas multi-component continuous analysis technology and market, In order to hold the R & D team night, China has added a beautiful scenery in Raman laser gas analysis technology

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