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Common offset printing ink failure analysis

IX. emulsification phenomenon in lithography, the ink and the fountain solution are in high-speed extrusion contact, and the ink and the fountain solution emulsify. The control software can display the experimental force, peak value of experimental force, time interval, experimental force time curve and other experimental parameters in real time to form a water in oil lotion. The fluidity and viscosity of the ink change, the printability becomes poor, and the drying slows down, resulting in printing failure. In addition, when the oil-based lotion in water is formed due to emulsification, the ink particles are dispersed into the fountain solution, resulting in floating dirt

reasons: (1) there are polar substances and surfactants in the ink. (2) Low viscosity inking oil is used. (3) Large amount of wet plate liquid. (4) The image and text area is small, and the ink consumption is small. The ink on the printing machine has been working with ofo and moBay for a long time. According to the national specification gb/t5008- ⑵ 002 "Specification for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete", the water contact of the two enterprises that are most concerned produces emulsification

treatment method: in lithography, ink and fountain solution should form an appropriate water in oil lotion in order to make the printing go smoothly. If emulsification becomes a printing failure, we should take various countermeasures to solve it according to the situation

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