Analysis of the market characteristics of the hott

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Analysis of market characteristics of CMM

with the development of coordinate market in China that accepts uniform compressive stress design, CMM price 2. Force measuring range: 2% ⑴ 00%fs; Changes have taken place year by year, and then the characteristics of the CMM market are gradually changing:

1. The CMM manufacturers are gradually increasing, but the strength of manufacturers is limited.

CMM is an advanced precision measuring instrument with high technical content and high industry threshold. At present, the number of manufacturers in the market is gradually increasing, but there are very few enterprises that really have technology research and development capabilities and independent intellectual property rights. For example, Xi'an Edward measuring equipment Co., Ltd. is the first CMM manufacturer with a full set of independent intellectual property rights in China. As a result, the CMM market will be led by some powerful enterprises, and other enterprises will follow the industry leaders in product upgrading

2. The competition is fierce, and the information transmission between manufacturers and users is clearer and smoother.

in its own market competition environment, manufacturers will try their best to show their strength and product characteristics when communicating with users in order to compete for limited market share. In this process, users will understand the real CMM from many aspects, and the information asymmetry between the two sides will be weakened

3. The price tends to be transparent

the increase of manufacturers and the more smooth information interaction lead to the direct result that the price tends to be transparent and more rational. Users are more targeted when comparing manufacturers, products, services, etc., and can really get the maximum value from the competition

the intensification of competition, technological innovation, changes in demand, etc. will lead to changes in market characteristics. For users, they should carefully compare among many coordinate manufacturers and carefully choose with the changes in living conditions, so as to truly find suitable partners and suppliers

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