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With the development of the carton industry and market changes, the corrugated board production line with better quality, faster speed, wider door width and higher automation is urgently needed by the market. Experts pointed out that at present, the mechanical device manufacturers of carton machines used to drive valves in China have three main tasks

* learn the experience of technology, process, manufacturing and material application of equipment from internationally advanced countries, improve their own manufacturing level, and gradually catch up with and surpass the international level

* in line with the rapid development and technical requirements of the carton industry, but generally bearish on the future market, we should manufacture advanced carton equipment with high-grade, high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision, wide width and high-tech content, and appropriately restrict low-grade, low-speed, high-grade and inefficient equipment to meet the needs of small and medium-sized carton enterprises

* in the face of the rapid development of corrugated paper in foreign micro for a long historical period, which is aimed at the current situation of the board and folding special-shaped carton described by Vertu upstairs and the actual needs of China, carton machinery and equipment manufacturers must increase their development efforts, develop micro corrugated rollers (fng) and folding special-shaped carton die-cutting equipment and computer design computer proofing equipment

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