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Status analysis of bag making, filling and packaging machine

[Abstract] this paper briefly introduces the current situation and main problems of bag making, filling and packaging machine in China and the development of similar products in foreign developed countries. The main gap between China and it is analyzed. It also points out the development countermeasures and key research areas for relevant industries in China. Abstract: This article introduces the conditions, problems, and the development of the same machine abort in producing packaging machine, A6. When bending goods, nalyze the distance between our country with the developed countries, and also provide the counter measure and emphasis field about the development of relevant trade in our country In order to meet the diversified requirements of modern commodity packaging, general packaging machinery and equipment suitable for multiple varieties and small batches have been continuously developed at home and abroad, which makes the forms of packaging machinery increase day by day. Bag making, filling and packaging machine is an automatic packaging equipment that can heat and soften the plastic composite film with thermoplastic characteristics into a packaging container, and automatically complete the whole process of bag making and molding, metering and filling, sealing and shearing on one equipment. According to the different packaging materials, it can be divided into the following categories: (1) powder packaging equipment. Such as small bags of milk powder, coffee and other materials. (2) Fluid and semi fluid viscous packaging equipment. Such as the packaging of condiments, sauces, Oils and other materials. (3) Stereotyped packaging equipment. Because the size and shape of solid shaped materials are quite different, different filling forms or electronic weighing machines should be used according to different materials

1 main features of foreign bag making, filling and packaging machines

1, standardization and modularization of structural design. When using a packaging machine to complete the packaging of different materials, the modular design of the original model can quickly change the specification or convert to other packaging models in a short time, and provide enough space for different metering systems. If the pillow packaging machine is slightly adjusted, the packaging of triangle bags can be realized. 2. The packaging speed is high. The electronic information and electrical appliances period is characterized by intelligence, cloud, lightness and high speed. At present, the single row packaging speed of small bag packaging machines abroad is generally bag/minute. In recent years, many companies have launched multi row packaging machines (from 2 to 10 rows) to greatly improve the packaging speed. For example, the 300 and 400 series pillow packaging machines of ilapak company in Italy have a measurement range of 150 ~ 450g and a packaging speed of 120 Bags/minute; The model yde-70 four side sealing and packaging machine of Yokohama Electric Manufacturing Institute in Japan has a measurement range of 0.5 ~ 30ml, can be used in 2 ~ 10 rows, and the maximum speed is 800 bags/minute; The fc-1000 small bag pillow type packaging machine of Sanguang machinery of Japan can reach 12 rows at most, and the speed can reach 1000 bags/min. 3. High accuracy of structural motion. Due to the use of various new technologies, such as servo motor, encoder, digital control (NC), power load control PLC and other high-precision actuators to control various actions, the filling measurement accuracy and bag making accuracy of the whole machine have been improved. For example, the Sigma3 powder metering machine of Tokyo automatic machinery in Japan is equipped with a variable-speed drive motor, which adopts screw cutting and filling. The maximum filling is 1.2kg each time, and the filling accuracy is 60.25%; According to different models, the filling volume of the desktop liquid filling machine of Japan's Kawasaki society can be 0.1 ~ 600ml, and the filling accuracy is 0.5%. 4. Intelligent and flexible control. Most foreign machines track and adjust various parameters of the machine through intelligent control instruments and menu application software on the touch screen. The electronic display screen shows the bag cutting length, packaging speed, net content of fillers and packaging output at a glance. The standard color code tracking photoelectric system can absolutely ensure the correct printing pattern of packaged products. In addition, the machine can carry out condition monitoring and fault diagnosis and analysis of the working process. Once a problem occurs, it will automatically stop, and display the cause of the fault and the solution. 5. Diversified packaging forms. At present, foreign bag packaging includes three side sealed bags, four side sealed bags, pillow bags, organ type, self-supporting bags, etc. Users can have more choices according to the needs of the market. 2. The status of domestic products and the main gap compared with foreign countries

the development of packaging machinery in China is relatively late, and it is currently in the initial application stage. Moreover, due to the technical level of users and the limitations of various environmental factors, the needs of packaging machinery in China are like a "pyramid". The demand for high, precision and sophisticated equipment is the spire, and the more sophisticated the equipment, the smaller the demand; The demand for medium and low-grade equipment is like the bottom of the "pyramid", with large volume and wide range, and unlimited business opportunities. With the continuous increase of market demand, China's bag making, filling and packaging machines have developed rapidly after the 1990s. Through reference to foreign products, digestion, absorption, independent development and research, the technology has been greatly improved, and the measurement range ranges from 1g to 1000g, especially in product function and automation. However, the huge service hidden dangers emerging from the rapid development began to cause concern in the market, especially many small enterprises, which basically produced without the scale investment of fixed assets such as manufacturing and quality assurance, resulting in the entry of a large number of small opportunistic enterprises. These small enterprises have little development planning, technical reserves and technological upgrading capabilities, but just want to make some products and leave immediately after making some profits when a hot product is emerging; There is no or no appropriate resource investment for the technical improvement in the field of packaging machines. It is for this reason that these enterprises use simple, low-grade raw materials, neither quality assurance, nor standardized process requirements to manufacture products and dump them at low prices. These products without quality assurance, irregular installation and commissioning, and false service commitments have cast a shadow on the reputation of the entire industry; At the same time, the enthusiasm of enterprises engaged in large-scale R & D and production in the field of packaging machines is also a blow, delaying the pace of packaging machines to the high-tech field and hindering the development of the packaging machine industry

at present, there are more than 50 domestic enterprises producing bag making, filling and packaging machines, but most of the products have low technical content, low degree of product differentiation, and mature product technologies are easy to imitate and plagiarize, resulting in low-level duplication, which hinders the technological innovation and development of packaging machines. China may soon become a major manufacturer of packaging machinery, but it is still difficult to get rid of the status of "small brand country"

in terms of product technology, the main characteristics of foreign packaging machines are our main gap

(1) low speed and few varieties

most domestic bag making, filling and packaging machines are generally between 20 ~ 100 bags/minute according to the different packaging materials and the size of the output. Most of them are single row packaging, and the sealing forms are generally three side sealing, four side sealing and back sealing. There is no automatic packaging machine for self-supporting bags and organ bags in China

(2) low accuracy

for the powder metering and filling system with screw filling, when the filling amount is 100g ~ 1000g, the metering accuracy of foreign machines is generally

the metering accuracy of domestic powder packaging machines with screw metering and filling is mostly between 62% and 63%. When used for low-dose packaging, it can basically meet the packaging requirements of users, but when the dose is large, it is difficult to meet the actual requirements of users, For example, domestic milk powder is generally 400g per bag. Milliken has developed ~ 500g of better plastic additives. If the error is controlled by 62% - 63%, it is obviously unacceptable to users. (3) Low reliability

due to the great differences in the particularity of packaging materials, they can no longer rise after being loaded to a certain load. The fluidity and viscosity of materials are different, and some materials require the machine to have anti-corrosion ability. Therefore, even the same type of packaging machine cannot widely adapt to the packaging of various materials, and different filling mechanisms or materials must be designed or used for materials. However, in order to make money quickly in the early stage of product production, some enterprises dump their products at low prices by using electronic components, control components or low-grade raw materials without quality assurance, plus there is no standardized processing and assembly process, and there is no transformation for specific use conditions, resulting in unstable products or unsuitable for users' use requirements, causing huge losses to users

(4) low level of automation and intelligence

in recent years, although China's bag making, filling and packaging machines have adopted some PLC and instruments with intelligent control function, generally speaking, most of them are still low-level electromechanical control, and there are no machines with data storage, acquisition and correction functions. 3 domestic market analysis

at present, China is in a period of structural surplus. On the surface, packaging machinery products are fiercely competitive, and supply exceeds demand; In fact, it is lack of high-level, adaptable products that can adapt to and create market demand

automatic metering filling and packaging machinery, especially for the packaging of powder materials, with the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, especially the dairy project implemented in China in recent years, there is a huge development space for China's bag making and filling machinery

1. High precision small metering powder packaging machine required by the pharmaceutical industry. Because the dosage of most drugs is small, usually a few grams or even less than one gram, but the requirements for accuracy and speed are high. The accuracy should reach 63%, and the packaging speed should reach more than 70 bags in a single row

2. Medium volume powder packaging machine required by the food industry. Generally, it is between 100g and 500g. According to the provisions of China's quantitative packaging commodity measurement supervision and management measures, manufacturers generally require 1% accuracy. This type of packaging machine has broad market prospects

3. Viscous packaging machine containing solid materials. The packaging range is generally between 100g and 250g. In particular, packages containing large particles and high concentration or packages containing solid sauces. For example, mixed packaging containing seasonings such as meat granules, bean paste, pepper segments, etc

packaging machinery is an important foundation of the packaging industry. Without modern packaging machinery, there will be no modern packaging industry. The future of packaging machinery is a high combination of various high and new technologies, new institutions and new control methods. Its technical characteristics will tend to "three highs", that is, high speed, high efficiency and high quality. The key development direction will tend to be energy conservation and consumption reduction, stable and reliable performance, advanced control level, compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, simple operation, more emphasis on aesthetic design, control and operation, and more humanization. With the development of computer technology, the information technology of packaging machinery is also reflected in the management of equipment, which is to establish a powerful service system through computer network technology, including warranty service machines, product technology databases and user files. Through two-way communication through the network, we can timely judge the equipment fault phenomenon and state detection parameters, analyze the cause of the fault, troubleshooting methods, specific disassembly and adjustment steps, The required accessories and application tools, etc., truly achieve zero distance service for customers

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