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Analysis of the market environment of professional machines for large format output

in China's printing industry, everyone generally believes that: inks with a width of more than 24 inches (61 cm), unlimited length, and accuracy requirements of 720dpi or even higher, which use water as the carrier, are called large format printers. There are two types of large format printers, ranging from 24 inches (610 mm) to 74 inches in width. High precision large format inkjet printers, which generally use water-based ink or weak solvent ink, are called inkjet photo machines (LFP for short); Printers of more than 74 inches are customarily called large spray machines or giant spray machines, which are mainly used for painting large outdoor advertisements

most of these products use solvent based inks, and most of their nozzles use ceramic nozzles from Xaar company in the UK, with an accuracy generally within DPI. LFP large format printers are also used in professional fields. Products from 24 inches to 44 inches (61 cm, 91 cm, 1.1 m) are mainly used in studios, design institutes, printing proofing and other industries; Products from 50 inches to 74 inches (1.3 meters, 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters) are mainly sold to professional advertising production companies and professional painting companies. Correspondingly, printers with a width of less than 24 inches are called desktop printers, which use water-based inks, mainly in the consumer areas such as homes and offices

most people are still relatively unfamiliar with large format color inkjet printer, because it is mainly aimed at professional graphics output field, and its volume is large and price is high, so it is difficult to find its figure in the ordinary office field. The predecessor of large format color inkjet printer is pen plotter. Later, all manufacturers applied advanced technology to large format color inkjet printing, so that large format color inkjet printer gradually replaced pen plotter in the field of graphic output with fast speed and exquisite alloy steel quality, and quickly penetrated into special application fields such as CAD, GIS, advertising and image design

nowadays, large format color inkjet printer is a kind of precision and professional printing output equipment that integrates many high and new technologies. Compared with color printing system and ordinary plotter, it is not only economical, fast and convenient, which meets the printing needs of users, but also the output quality and printing speed are satisfactory to users. With the further reduction of prices, large format color inkjet printers are rapidly entering enterprises, institutions, schools and scientific research institutions

as the name suggests, the most remarkable feature of large format color inkjet printer is the large color output format. At present, the color output format of large format color printer is generally above A3, A2, A1, A0, or even larger format, and it can print output of any length. Due to different inkjet technologies, large format inkjet printers have always been divided into two camps. HP, ENCAD and Canon use thermal foaming inkjet technology. Epson (Epson), Japanese large format printer manufacturers Roland (Roland), Mimaki (Yumu), Mutoh (taketo) all use micro piezoelectric inkjet technology. For example, the elongation and elongation after fracture of materials (plastic, rubber, etc.)

HP is the inventor of the hot bubble technology. The hot bubble printing technology is to heat the nozzle through the introduction and use mechanism of more open and flexible human resources through the improvement of heating elements, so that the ink in the ink chamber vaporizes, and the bubbles expand. The generated pressure pushes the ink out of the nozzle to form ink droplets sprayed into the printing medium. The printing resolution can be effectively improved through color layering technology. At the same time, more than 200 different colors can be realized on each ink dot, and the corresponding jetexpress technology is used for fast inkjet printing. Micro piezoelectric printing technology was invented by Epson. It takes advantage of the characteristic that the piezoelectric crystal can produce telescopic deformation when the voltage at both ends changes, and drives the piezoelectric crystal in the inkjet chamber to move through the electrical signal to compress the ink jet

micro piezoelectric technology can achieve high-precision printing, which is its outstanding feature. Because neutral oily ink can be used, its waterproof performance reduces the coating process, and can be used to make high-precision outdoor pictures. Piezoelectric technology is mainly used in large-scale inkjet machines with a width of more than 2 meters. Because solvent ink can be used, it can directly spray ordinary light cloth, so it becomes the first choice for outdoor production. Generally speaking, the service life of piezoelectric inkjet printheads is long, but the cost of a single nozzle is high, and the service life of thermal foaming inkjet printheads is short, but the cost is low; In terms of printing quality, the images printed by piezoelectric printer are sharp and lifelike, and the images output by thermal foaming printer are more colorful

the user groups of large format printers are mainly some advertising companies, professional production companies, design institutes, research institutes, wedding studios, etc. due to the particularity of their business, these customers are more picky about the purchase of products, and they can find 1 page every time

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