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The design and printing performance technology of commercial handbags

commercial handbags have strong mobility. As mobile "propaganda materials", they are reused by people, some are collected, and some are used for gift wrapping, which has become an effective means of enterprise self publicity. Printing technology must also be considered when designing commercial bags

1. The law of formal beauty of commercial bags

rhythm and rhythm rhythm refers to the rhythm or organization formed after the words or graphics are arranged according to a certain order and law; Rhythm refers to the rules of light, shade and fluctuation of lines, shapes and colors, which restrict and complement each other

symmetry and equilibrium symmetry can be called homogeneous. Balance is relatively uniform, which is highly used in design, mainly to achieve unity in quantity or color, so as to achieve perfect visual effect

unity and change include color unity, graphic unity, text unity and technique unity. In the design, the primary and secondary should be clear, vivid and coordinated

contrast and coordination contrast are a process of variation, and size, radius, straight curve, black and white, density, etc. are all a process of contrast; Coordination is a unified process, and only the coordinated picture can give people the enjoyment of beauty

2. Classification of commercial bags

commemorative type: the most common occasions of use are exhibitions, special activities and tourist attractions

advertising type: it is a commonly used means to highlight manufacturers and cooperate with product distribution

special type: versatile, such as handbags in major shopping malls. Some publishing units also have similar bags, which mostly appear in the book market, new book release day, etc

gift type: gift bags are more convenient for people's needs. Paper gift bags of various sizes and specifications play a role in conveying feelings

3. The expression method of commercial handbag

painting form expression method: it is the most common in the design of commercial handbags. It is suitable for department stores, food stores, clothing stores, exhibitions, etc., with prominent themes, bright colors, and full of interest

photographic form expression: photographic works can be single or multiple; It can be a good product of advertising photography, film stills and star photos. Applicable to department stores, advertising companies, gift shops, clothing stores, etc

calligraphy form expression: an important form of designing commercial handbags is the use of words. It seems simple, but it is not easy to design outstanding. Good design makes people love it

enterprise logo form expression method: generally, the dynamic friction coefficient of the positive and negative appearance of the film should be determined according to GB 10006 (8) method for measuring the friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet and ISO 8295 (1) 986 plastics film and sheeting Determination of the coefficients of friction international norms. This is a means of expression to directly publicize the enterprise itself, and there can be only one or more logo designs

pattern form expression: using pattern form to design commercial handbags is a personalized expression. When designing, we should master the complementary and contrast relationship of colors, the division proportion and pattern should be concise, and the position of words should be appropriate

4. Commercial bags are generally made of paper and plastic, using silk printing, offset printing, AC foaming agent 0.3~0.5, etc.

in the early days, bags were made of paper, which were used to pack candy, snacks, tea, flour, salt, etc. Now, with the handle, plastic film is mostly used. The basic shapes of commonly used bags are as follows:

divided by the shape of the front of the bag body: rectangular, square, flat, vest shaped, V-shaped, A-shaped

divided by bottom shape: square bottom, sharp bottom and rectangular bottom

divided by hem: no hem, hem at both sides of the mouth, hem at the bottom

divided by handle: the handle holes in the shape of half day, kidney and semicircle are rolled out in the center of the bag mouth; The opening of the bag is folded back, and the round plastic pipe or rod and yarn rope are sealed as the handle; Heat seal or buckle various forms of plastic and rope at the mouth of the bag as a handle; Add, insert and seal plastic sheets at the mouth of the bag by heat sealing method and roll them into lifting holes; Directly thickened at the mouth of the bag as a handle

5. The performance technology of commercial bag printing

when designing, we should not only consider the ideological, authenticity and artistry of advertising performance, but also take into account the characteristics of printing technology. Attention should be paid to the following issues:

considering the number of paper openings. Design drafts that are out of size will cause unnecessary paper waste. Therefore, it is best for designers to have a paper opening meter handy for reference

select the paper type appropriately. For example, color printing commercial bags can choose single-sided coated paper, and the gram of paper can be smaller. Fabric paper, egg paper, glossy paper, etc. can also be selected by using the texture effects of different paper surfaces. Many times, commercial bags are used outdoors, so in addition to durable high-quality paper, we should also pay attention to the use of high-quality inks that are not easy to fade

we also need to sort out the size of the design draft for the pictures to be prepared for plate making, and enlarge or reduce it in proportion to the size of the original. According to the needs of the design, unnecessary content in the picture can be cut or hollowed out

designers should have printed chromatograms handy for color selection. The design colors should be solved in red, yellow, blue and black as far as possible, and less spot colors should be used to avoid increasing the cost. When designing the base color, avoid large areas of dark color as the base color

when choosing the series of typesetting and the color of typesetting, it should be noted that the imitation Song Dynasty characters with small series should not be inverted, italics and small words should be avoided, and the series of bold characters should not be too small. The character color on the light color bottom should not be reversed, and the character color on the dark color bottom should not be too dark

if the surface of the commercial bag needs to be mounted, try to avoid using dark color as the background color of a large area in the design, so as not to produce excessively conspicuous bubbles during the mounting process, which will affect the effect

in a word, commercial bag design must integrate creative arrangement, production and printing technology in a coordinated manner in order to complete an excellent business work

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