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Anti counterfeiting label design elements and forms

anti counterfeiting labels often exist in the form of self-adhesive labels, which are widely used in all walks of life at present. As a label with independent functions, anti-counterfeiting labels, ranging from comprehensive anti-counterfeiting stickers with high safety to waterproof warning and warranty labels with single function, have certain anti-counterfeiting, anti stripping, safety management and other functions

1. Anti counterfeiting label design elements

① in a limited space, including all words,

② including various text and image features designed to prevent forgery,

③ using as many processes as possible in a narrow space,

④ reducing the production and management difficulties and even costs caused by the use of anti-counterfeiting labels by customers

2. Functional design of anti-counterfeiting labels

labels are not a simple stack of different technologies and design methods. They are jointly completed by expert design working groups of raw materials, anti-counterfeiting technology, printing process, ink and so on. Although we cannot prevent counterfeiting, if we adopt high technology that is difficult to imitate and publicize the knowledge of identifying genuine and fake products to consumers, we can curb counterfeiting. Anti counterfeiting labels should comply with certain design principles:

① choose a special design that can see obvious differences even if it is copied,

② choose a production method that is difficult to forge and expensive to invest,

③ make full use of the methods that consumers have mastered or easy to learn to identify the true and false to improve the anti-counterfeiting design

the following main functional designs are often used in the design of anti-counterfeiting labels to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting

1) label shading design

① the anti-counterfeiting lines and patterns used have changes in length, position, density, thickness, color, etc., which are difficult to imitate

② it is convenient to distinguish true and false products. Only visual inspection or magnifying glass can distinguish the true and false products

③ prevent scanning and printing. All lines of the precision shading are composed of solid lines, and the imitations after scanning, color separation and printing are composed of dots, which can be seen at a glance

④ it is impossible to make patterns composed of complex lines by hand

2) anti uncovering function design

① through corresponding technical treatment, the label has mechanical characteristics in different directions, which is very easy to be damaged when uncovering,

② use fragile paper materials, uncovering and displaying raw materials, foam anti uncovering raw materials, etc

3) anti fleeing function design

print the name of the distribution region, the regional management code, the anti-counterfeiting code, and even the identification query and other information on the label

4) anti scanning copy function design

① select special paper, such as watermark paper, fiber paper, paper with safety wire, etc.

② select special ink, such as light variable ink. Pearlescent ink, photosensitive ink, water sensitive ink. Thermal ink, infrared ink. UV ink. Magnetic ink, etc.

③ use and get clear solutions to special printing processes, such as gravure printing, embossing, holographic hot stamping, hot refraction treatment, etc.

④ use special designs, such as safety shading design. High security design such as disturbing invisible graphics and text design and printmaking design

at present, there are more than ten kinds of anti-counterfeit labels commonly used in packaging

1. anti uncovering seal

uncovering adhesive anti-counterfeiting seal with a base material as plastic film is colored wordless adhesive plastic strip before uncovering; After being lifted, you can see colored handwriting on the paper and obvious colorless handwriting on the plastic strip. It has the characteristics of being damaged as soon as it is uncovered and visible as soon as it is damaged. It is mostly used in anti-counterfeiting envelopes, electrical appliance warranty labels and other fields

2. Fragile paper label

uses special fragile paper or fragile self-adhesive material, which can be printed with trademarks, text instructions and bar codes. It can't be completely removed after being pasted on the package. Once it is removed, the paper will break

3. Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and anti stripping indentation paper label

the self-adhesive paper label made by using a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies can strengthen the anti-counterfeiting function. In order to prevent the label from being lifted, replaced and reused, the die-cutting indentation technology can be used to prevent the label from being lifted locally, which cannot be restored after being lifted

4. Bar code technology this instrument is very suitable for use in factories. There are many kinds of bar codes used at present, including one-dimensional bar code and two-dimensional bar code. Bar code technology can not only promote better and faster promotion and application, but also achieve the purpose of preventing famous and high-quality goods from being counterfeited and protecting the interests of consumers

5. Laser holographic image label

the application of laser holographic image technology in anti-counterfeiting packaging is mainly to print anti-counterfeiting labels and trademarks. The factors that affect the anti-counterfeiting performance of laser holographic labels are the types and use positions of labels. The types of laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting labels are as follows

① self adhesive type

holographic anti-counterfeiting graphics and texts are made on self-adhesive materials, which do not need to brush any adhesive when used, and have good mechanical adaptability. The biggest disadvantage is that it can be used repeatedly without rapid temperature change. The temperature range of the experimental box is - 55 ~ + 80 ℃, and those who use the old packaging and labels can make fake ones

② the anti uncovering type

makes up for the shortcomings of ordinary self-adhesive labels. When the label is removed from the package, the hologram of the label is beyond recognition and cannot be used again, which can curb the use of old labels for counterfeiting

③ hot stamping type

is a kind of holographic anti-counterfeiting label that cannot be removed. The holographic anti-counterfeiting label is hot stamped on the packaging material with a bronzing machine and integrated with it

6. anti counterfeiting polyester film label

it is aluminum foil wordless self-adhesive strip before lifting, and there are obvious colored words on the label paper and packaging materials after lifting

7. Transparent PVC font anti lift universal label

white wordless self-adhesive sheet is not in the table before lifting, and film labels are not allowed to be produced. After lifting, there are obvious colored handwriting on labels and packaging materials

8. Transparent PVC anti-counterfeiting label

add a transparent laser holographic film with personalized information on the self-adhesive label or other documents, which will not affect the overall design and original effect, but also increase the anti-counterfeiting function, making the label personalized

9. Foam film label

is a unique semi gloss white film, which is composed of two layers of polystyrene film. The surface layer is transparent film, suitable for printing; The lower layer is puffed white foam film. Use permanent acrylic adhesive. It has a good security and anti-counterfeiting effect. When the label is pasted on the substrate and then lifted, the two layers of film will separate, the label will be torn, and the remnants of the foam layer will be left on the package, which is difficult to remove. Suitable for use in humid environment, especially in the production and packaging of beverages, dairy products and other products, it has extraordinary practical value. It is suitable for safety labels for glass, PVC, polystyrene bottles and polishing cartons

10. paper based partial uncovering label

the base material of the label is coated paper (special paper can also be used), and gravure, relief and offset printing are used. Just uncover the top, and the bottom will leave data for consumers to input and query. The label cannot be reused. When used as a seal, it is firmly pasted and not easy to fall off

11. Rule disclosure composite anti-counterfeiting label

is a self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label. When using, stick the label directly on the goods; When identifying, uncover the label, and there will be a pre-designed invisible image Wenyang image on the package; There are invisible pictures and pictures on the removed label. Holographic film, coated paper, plastic film and other materials can be used as surface materials

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