Design details of NEMO pump, which is most popular

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design details of NEMO pump used in the medical and health industry

Nemo pump is a world-famous single screw pump brand. Netzsch company selects the specific type of any Nemo pump according to the user's operating conditions, "customized" is the biggest feature of NEMO pump. According to the different composition of the specific transmission medium, each part of NEMO Nemo pump with accurate tension for material testing has been specially selected. Through optimization and combination, it is suitable for the pump environment of customers with swing angle limitation function. Nemo Nemo? The pump is mainly composed of four parts: rotor and flow passage parts, stator and rubber seals, shaft seals, and drive reduction motor

excellent hardware configuration

turn, but the income after completion is clear and predictable sub and flow passage components

Netzsch has unique views and experience in the material and process of the rotor and flow passage components of the sanitary pump. Due to the high level of sanitary requirements for Sanitary Pumps, the sterile environment must meet the 3A standard, which requires that not only all metal flow passage parts of NEMO pumps must be made of DIN 1.4571, but also strict requirements for the specific processing technology of each flow passage part. First of all, the surface of the rotor, the most critical component, is strictly polished, so that when it is used, there is no room for dirt on the surface. According to the production standard of Netzsch, the roughness of the rotor surface must reach RA

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