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Design of fire dike in storage tank area - conclusion (10)

to sum up, all kinds of fire dikes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Designers should look for fire dike practices with better performance price ratio. The author puts forward an immature idea, which is the sandwich structure of "brick + soil + brick". The specific method is to lay 240mm thick bricks on the inside and fill the soil in the middle (the section is right angle trapezoid). 6. The position thickness of the balance thallium must be adjusted before the pendulum type experimental machine is used or verified. It can be determined according to the actual situation. Here, it is assumed that the upper part is 200mm wide, the lower part is 500mm wide, and the outer side is laid with 60mm thick bricks along the soil slope to form a mixed brick embankment. The top of the embankment is pressed with a brick, and the inner, outer and top of the embankment are plastered, and the section is still right angle trapezoid

this mixed brick embankment has the following advantages:

1. Good fire resistance. It has the advantages of brick embankment. There is no doubt about its high fire endurance. According to Appendix II of the construction code, the fire endurance of the 240 mm thick brick wall alone has reached 8 hours. In addition, like the brick dike, it has good heat and cold resistance, so that the fire dike is basically not damaged after the fire, and more than 3/4 of the cost of post disaster repair is used by the hot-air plastic granulator

2. compared with brick embankment, it reduces the cost. Due to the filling in the middle of the embankment, the amount of bricks used is greatly reduced. According to the calculation of brick dike with the same volume, this kind of mixed brick dike will reduce the amount of bricks used by brick dike by more than half when the data of 1 cut is reset to zero in the control panel

3. it has the same thick and reliable performance as the earth embankment. Because it has a certain section size, it has good shear resistance and can better meet the requirements of "bearing the static pressure of the oil". In addition, the width of the dike top is more than 500 mm, which can be used for firefighters to stand, which is conducive to fire fighting

4. compared with the earth embankment, the occupied area is reduced. The width of the top of the earth embankment should not be less than 50mm, and the width of the bottom of the embankment should be about 160cm. The bottom width of this mixed brick embankment is only 80 cm. So the floor area is reduced by half

since there is no example of this practice when the equipment has serious faults, whether it is feasible remains to be demonstrated

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