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The design of color block and color in business card printing reflects that the design of business card is a unique knowledge. Mastering the foundation is conducive to the further implementation of design, and is also conducive to designers to move towards the road of product design. The key to business card design is to grasp several embodiment elements. According to the market of business cards, the following key points are summarized:

first, the design of color patches reflects

business card design should first attract the attention of the other party. Only when the other party is interested can the other party focus on Mr. remisalomon's attention and understand the content of business cards. Therefore, the business card decoration frame should not have any resistance, and it is better to use soft lines, so as to induce the line of sight to move to the internal theme. You must have a deep understanding of the color patches on the business card. You must know that the color patches can be divided into geometric shapes and non geometric shapes; Generally, the geometric color city has the feeling of simplicity, conciseness and lightness, but if its combination is too complex, it is easy to lose these characteristics; Non geometric color patches can be divided into organic forms and accidental forms; Objects existing in nature are called organic forms; The accidental formation is called natural shape, also known as accidental figure. Therefore, geometric color blocks are mainly used in the design of business cards, together with the golden section ratio, so that the whole business card looks stable, lively and balanced

generally speaking, color patches are closely related to faces and shapes; For example, we draw a square. At this time, the square has not formed the impression of a face in our consciousness, but when we paint the square with black, the consciousness of the face gradually increases, so painting it with black often has its significance in the formation of the consciousness of the face; From this, we can infer that the consciousness of form is established in the front, and the consciousness of face is established in the back, and there is also a conscious trend of going back and forth between the two, that is to say, after seeing the form, there will be a face, and finally, the color block will naturally exist

in business card design, we must pay attention to the golden ratio, which is a commonly used proportional division design. Golden ratio has the visual beauty of rational data proportion, stable, lively and balanced, which is the best key point and proportion of visual design; In the layout composition, as long as the principle of mystery is applied, the visual effect can be stable and aesthetic. The gold ratio is 1:1.618, 3:5, 5:8, 8:13, 12:21, 55:89

second, the color embodiment of business card design

color is a magical language to convey information, such as blue, which reminds people of sweetness. Therefore, when designing business cards, it is best to first understand the corporate image of each company, and then appropriately select its lightness, saturation, and the collocation of different colors according to the industry in which the enterprise is located

color is a complex language, which has expressions of joy, anger and sorrow. Sometimes it will make people happy and sometimes it will make people thrilling. In addition to its effect on vision, color also affects sensory organs, such as yellow, which reminds people of acid, soft color is touch, and fragrant color is smell, which can prove how complex and diverse the influence of color on human psychology and physiology is; Therefore, when the business card designer is engaged in the rule combination of color, it is best to understand the corporate image of each company first. Color is a kind of combined media. The intensity of color does not lie in the size of the area, but in the influence of rule configuration; The tone of color comes from the characteristics of color, which can also be obtained according to the size and position of tone. The experiments of force sensor and co amplification circuit show that the displayed value is the full range

modern people have no color taboos, and instead pursue personalized color 1 The abnormal combination of hammer return position can successfully master the application of business card color as long as it can combine the strong feelings of consumers; On the contrary, if we don't make full use of the color power of color on people, or the wrong color combination, no matter how well the content is arranged, it can't attract everyone's attention to the content of business cards. Therefore, when choosing the color of the original color paper of the business card, we must consider carefully with the design creativity, otherwise the spread of the business card may cause damage to the personal or corporate image

third, the performance of text design

we all know that text is one of the most direct visual media in human daily life, so when applied in the design industry, text is not only used to convey information, but also has the function of decoration/appreciation and the function of strengthening impression. When designing business cards, the expression of text shape is particularly important. All inclusive text design theme sources include name design and font design, but none of the designs is superb

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