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The fourth "Mitsubishi Electric Automation Cup" undergraduate automation competition should be regularly checked and held

[introduction: Mitsubishi Electric helps excellent engineers avoid equipment infringement. Recently, the final of the fourth Mitsubishi Electric Automation Cup Undergraduate automation competition and automation system application competition was opened at Tianjin University, and the unveiling ceremony of Mitsubishi Electric Automation Laboratory of Tianjin University was also held at the same time.]

shortly after the Ministry of Education launched the excellent engineer education and training program in Tianjin University, the fourth Mitsubishi Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. aimed at cultivating students' innovative consciousness, cooperative spirit and practical ability. On the other hand, China's rapid industrial development in recent years has led to the opening of the finals of the automation Cup College Students' automation competition and automation system application competition in Tianjin University. 58 college student teams from nearly 30 colleges and universities across the country participated in the competition. At the same time, the unveiling ceremony of Mitsubishi Electric Automation Laboratory of Tianjin University was also held

this competition is hosted by the China Association of automation and the automation Education Steering Committee of Higher Vocational Colleges of the Ministry of education, organized by Tianjin University and Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd., and co organized by Tianjin Sino German Vocational and technical college. With the theme of energy conservation and efficiency, it aims to improve the engineering application ability of college students, stimulate contemporary college students to learn from us. We have always attached importance to the precipitation of technology and accumulated interest in engineering technology, cultivate innovation ability The spirit of cooperation reflects the concept of learning for application, assesses students' actual production and debugging skills, and strengthens inter school exchanges and school enterprise cooperation. The competition mainly tests the students' mastery of Mitsubishi Electric automation system

the competition requires the use and debugging of Mitsubishi Electric's automation products as the main content, including process control, motion control, network and bus technology. Each team should choose one of the two automatic system propositions (variable frequency speed regulation and servo positioning), design, assemble and debug the competition device by themselves. The competition is divided into two parts: Basic test and system design and debugging. From the time the team receives the notice of shortlisting, the students participating in the competition, under the guidance of teachers, will carry out intensive training according to the requirements of the proposed automated system proposition to participate in the competition, and complete the contents of the relevant requirements of the competition within the specified time. The competition results will be determined according to the progressiveness and rationality of the system design, as well as the speed and quality of assembly and debugging. The design and production of the project requires all participating teams to design independently, and students are encouraged to make by themselves. For the purchased ready-made equipment, the corresponding scores will be deducted. There are two special prizes in the competition, with a bonus of 5000 yuan. There are also first and second prizes and single prizes

Mitsubishi Electric Automation launched and held the first undergraduate Automation Innovation Competition in 2007. The purpose of the competition is to build a stage for students to innovate and practice, use the most advanced Mitsubishi Electric automation products to realize their own creative projects, and improve the comprehensive application ability of automation products, enhance the practical ability, and really learn to apply in the process of the competition. In each competition, the enthusiasm of students in participating in the competition, their concentration in the competition and their passion in presenting their works have proved that this is a meaningful activity, and also demonstrated Mitsubishi Electric's efforts to cultivate talents in the future of automation as an enterprise. Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd. chairman fuzek said that as a member of Chinese enterprises, Mitsubishi Electric should repay the Chinese society. Mitsubishi Electric will, as always, vigorously support the cause of education, support the cultivation of talents, fulfill the social responsibility of enterprises, help the progress of China's automation technology, and make due contributions to the development of China's automation industry

on the same day, Tianjin University and Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd. jointly built an experimental platform with multiple functions such as teaching practice, engineering training, professional training and scientific research. The Mitsubishi Electric Automation Laboratory of Tianjin University held a unveiling ceremony. The laboratory was donated by Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd., including programmable controller, motion controller, servo system, computer network system, man-machine interface, six degree of freedom robot arm and other control equipment with a total of more than 2 million yuan; According to the requirements of the agreement, the College of automation designed a highly simulated engineering practical industrial production line controlled by a three-story computer network, including motion control system, process control system and wireless network control system, in the newly completed 26th teaching building. The laboratory can accommodate 5060 undergraduate students at the same time to carry out comprehensive experiments, curriculum design, engineering training, graduation design and other practical activities. The teaching content can cover many courses and subject fields. Such as process control system, motion control system, computer control system, automatic detection and sensing technology, programmable control technology, computer and network technology, etc. Through the above practical training, students' engineering concept and practical ability can be strengthened

the laboratory was officially launched in October, 2007. After more than three years of construction, with the strong support of Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd., the care and help of all sectors of society and the hard work of teachers and students in the laboratory, the laboratory has built an integrated laboratory for automatic engineering training and research innovation with the actual production process simulation production line as the process object. The completion of the laboratory will provide a practical platform for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in automation in our university, which not only represents the latest technology of industrial automation development, but also closely combines the actual production of teaching experiments, engineering training, and innovative research

latest news: the 4th Mitsubishi Electric Automation Cup Undergraduate automation competition and automation system application competition has been successfully concluded. Tianjin University realistic team and Jinhua Vocational and technical college team 3 won the special prize. 10 teams including Nanjing Institute of industry and technology won the first prize

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