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Evaluation and use: Lenovo Zuk z2pro premium version 6+128g fingerprint standard headset

Lenovo Zuk z2pro premium version 6+128g fingerprint standard headset

usage experience: Lenovo, which has been used before, from S920 to lemeng note, felt that Lenovo's cost performance was very high, so I chose this Zuk Pro again. I felt very valuable at first, the work was very good, I didn't get very hot after playing for a long time, and I didn't open more than a dozen software cards, I don't understand why so many Secretary General Zheng Long introduced black Lenovo. I think the price is less than 3000. I don't regret choosing this one Expand to view detailed evaluation

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Lenovo Zuk z2pro exclusive version 6+128g fingerprint configuration parameters:

product parameters:

Product Name: TD-LTE digital mobile machine

3C product model: z2121 (power adapter: a5325 output: 5.3vdc 2.5A)

Product Name: Zuk z2pro exclusive edition

sampling rate up to 200 times per second CPU model: Xiaolong 820

model: z2pro exclusive edition

body color: ceramic white titanium crystal black size and structure consistent with the first level high-pressure seal 1

operating memory ram: 6GB

storage capacity: 128GB

network mode: dual card multi-mode

battery capacity: 3100mah

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