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Notice on holding the "practical technology training course for equipment lubrication management and safe and reliable operation in the iron and steel industry" (Qingdao)

notice on holding the "practical technology training course for equipment lubrication management and safe and reliable operation in the iron and steel industry" (Qingdao)

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all relevant units:

under the new situation, improve the knowledge level and working ability of equipment lubrication managers in China in a timely manner, It is urgent to cultivate a group of "lubrication technology engineers" with high quality, high technology, high efficiency and high standards who are specially labeled for 50 products in the eco label industry. In order to further standardize the implementation of the equipment lubrication management qualification access system and improve the operation efficiency of large-scale equipment, in view of the current shortage of talents in the "equipment lubrication field" in China, we have extensively studied and tested several experts in the United Nations In this regard, we have carried out a course project of "development of some new packaging materials", which is dominated by famous teachers, cutting-edge topics of modern equipment management, and equipment fault diagnosis and analysis cases. Students who participate in and pass the examination can obtain the ICML certificate issued by the international machine lubrication Council. We sincerely invite relevant enterprises to send professionals to participate! The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I Sponsor

national and local joint engineering research center of industrial friction and lubrication technology

International Council for machine lubrication (ICML)

Machinery Industry lubrication Engineering Technology Research Center

Guangzhou Academy of Mechanical Sciences Co., Ltd.

Shandong Equipment Management Association

Tianjin Equipment Management Association


Beijing Zhicheng science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Zhonghe Youlian Petrochemical Technology Center

Guangyan testing (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

support media:

China lubricating oil information

II Training income:

1 By learning advanced lubrication management knowledge and new equipment lubrication management and maintenance strategies, students can fully understand the significance of lubrication management in equipment management

2. Through the introduction of the theoretical basis of lubrication, students can have a comprehensive understanding of lubrication from rationality to sensibility

3. By understanding several common situations in enterprises where lubrication management work is not done well, students can learn from and analyze their own advantages and disadvantages to provide ideas for improving lubrication work

4. A large number of representative cases were shared to help students learn from and think about how to create equipment lubrication management methods suitable for their own enterprises

5. Find more cost-effective methods for the enterprise to truly improve the comprehensive utilization rate of equipment and reduce maintenance costs

III. participants

leaders and backbones in charge of enterprise equipment department, equipment department and mobile Department (Department, section and office), enterprise Lubrication Engineers, equipment reliability engineers, equipment integrity engineers, management, R & D and technical personnel of lubricating oil and lubrication technology device development companies, etc. Relevant business personnel of relevant scientific research institutions, professional technicians of oil procurement department and analysis and testing department

IV. course outline

1. How to carry out equipment life cycle health management:

1) equipment life: lubricating oil

2) the lubricating oil can speak, and the changes of the oil during the operation of the equipment lubrication system tell us what changes will happen to the equipment

3) lubrication can create safety and wealth

4) good lubricating oil ≠ good equipment lubrication

2. Basic knowledge of lubricating oil:

1) composition and category of lubricating grease

2) brand and classification of lubricating grease

3) application and cases of lubricating grease

3. Management of lubricating oil storage and lubrication station:

1) if the change-over switch is turned on the "fast back" file, the correct storage management method and pollution source control are managed

2) access to lubricating oil during filling

3) management of lubricating appliances

4) explanation of lubricating oil field management cases

4. Pollution control of lubricating oil used for equipment in the iron and steel industry:

1) the destructiveness of various kinds of pollution (such as solid particles, moisture, gas, high temperature)

2) control methods of equipment oil pollution during use

5. Monitoring technology of equipment in use oil:

1) what is "oil monitoring technology"

2) why should oil monitoring be carried out

3) the role of oil monitoring technology in chemical lubrication management

4) how oil monitoring brings safety and benefits to enterprises

6. Reliability management and intelligent operation and maintenance of equipment lubrication in iron and steel enterprises

1) intelligent operation and maintenance management of equipment lubrication safety, especially the re monopoly of people's acceptance, understands that it is strengthening

2) enterprise equipment lubrication reliability management and cases

3) oil monitoring technology and cases

v. simultaneous training:

1 Petrochemical and coal chemical equipment lubrication management and safe and reliable operation practical technology training course

2 Each student needs to prepare two 1-inch blue background photos, and take the paper photos to the scene

VI. training time and place

check in time: June 22, 13:00 PM

training time: June 22 (8:00)

examination time: June 25 (9:00)

training place: Qingdao, China (the specific location will be notified)

VII Training fee

fee: 5800 yuan/person (including training fee, material fee, catering fee, examination fee, certificate fee). Accommodation shall be arranged uniformly, and the expenses shall be borne by oneself

VIII. Contact person and contact information

contact person: teacher Gao


email: ght01@

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