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Event fermentation! Titanium dioxide enterprises issued a notice of rejection of acceptance bills

event fermentation! Titanium dioxide enterprises issued a notice of rejection of acceptance bills

July 23, 2019

recently, China Railway Erju was exposed to more than 100 million false acceptance bills. Not long ago, it was revealed that urban merchants were unable to honor a huge amount of acceptance bills due to this trip event and the "Baota petrochemical" event. Affected by the continuous fermentation of such events, on July 16, The financial department of Guangdong Huiyun Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huiyun titanium industry), a leading enterprise in the titanium dioxide industry, issued a notice letter on bank acceptance bills, which mentioned that due to the "Baota petrochemical" incident, the risk of bank acceptance bills increased, some bank acceptance bill suppliers did not accept them, and the banks could not discount them. After weighing in many ways, Huiyun titanium industry turned more attention to the domestic demand market on July 16. The acceptance rejection information is the acceptance bills of 24 banks, including finance company, Huludao bank, Bank of Gansu, Bank of Qilu, etc

on the same day, Qianjiang Fangyuan titanium dioxide Co., Ltd., a famous titanium dioxide enterprise in China, also issued a notice saying that in order to improve the efficiency of the use of funds to avoid the planned energy-saving transformation of the original buildings, and ensure the normal use of bank acceptance bills, salesmen should pay attention to the review when receiving bank acceptance bills, and blacklisted banks are prohibited from receiving bills

the acceptance bill event is gradually fermenting. As some enterprises burst out that the acceptance bill cannot be cashed, and there is a flood of false acceptance bills, all of them are reminding enterprises that acceptance is risky and they need to be cautious when entering the market

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