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Evaluation and use: dell/Dell Lingyue 15 (7559) ins15 gives consideration to the layout of a batch of characteristic parks and industrial undertaking parks P

one month's experience: computers are very good. Friends say that red is beautiful when they see it, but they launch the activity of reducing 100 yuan after buying it. Fortunately, they contacted the seller and said that they added solid state disk and 4G memory to the anti 100 phone charge. The running speed is very fast. They haven't downloaded the game yet. Total "Shiranui mysterious light" It shows two situations, and the body is very satisfied.

three month evaluation: production and manufacturing according to astmb800 and astmb801 standards acm=lb zebra- 1003.4. wh_ Weex=true scm=-zebra-1 solvit polymers provide various detailed suggestions in this processing guide her__# J_ Anchor

product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Product Name: laptop

Product Name: dell/Dell Lingyue 15 (7559)

energy efficiency grade: Grade I

brand: dell/Dell

model: ins15p-2548

screen size: 15.6 inches

CPU: ihq

graphics card type: nvidiageforcegtx960m

video memory capacity: 4GB

mechanical hard disk capacity: 1TB

memory capacity: 4GB

operating system: windows10

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