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Major events in the printing and packaging industry in April depend on Chengdu


guiding units: Chengdu Expo Bureau, Chengdu Administration for Industry and commerce, Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, Chengdu Economic and Information Commission, Chengdu culture, radio, television and Publishing Bureau

sponsors: Sichuan Printing Association, Chengdu Packaging Technology Association, Dena Exhibition Group

organizers: Sichuan Dena Exhibition Co., Ltd Shanghai Hyundai International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai new gray Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Sichuan Jiali electromechanical Co., Ltd.

co organizers: Chongqing Packaging Technology Association, Shenzhen printing society

luxury cosmetic surgery, great honor

the exhibition area is 30000 square meters, and more than 500 brands appear collectively! Honor

including: Epson, beiren, Manroland, Shanyang electric, Ono, kangdexin, Jiangxi Zhongjing, Wutai Group, Edison, kangdexin, Zhaolong, xinpengxiang, changteng, Xiangbao, Zhengxin, Qicheng, Tus, dangnali, aika, sinair, Yongbang and other top domestic and foreign printing and packaging brands, more than 500 brands rushed to settle in Chengdu to build a first-class exhibition at home and abroad. Many new equipment, new technology and new materials were unveiled at the exhibition

buyers and visitors, ultimate invitation

buyers' organization is the vitality of the whole exhibition. After half a year, our organizing committee organizes buyers through on-site invitation, EDM, SMS, direct mail express and other channels, and uses the Internet to invite visitors through microblogging, official and other ways to build a B2B high-quality exhibition. Li Qiangqiang pointed out in his speech that at present, more than 5000 VIP visit letters are sent to all parts of the country on April, Just waiting for you

cool activities, wonderful upgrades

activity 1: paper packaging seminar between Chengdu and Chongqing

time: April 22

location: Hall 8 of Chengdu new Convention and Exhibition Center

V suspension namely 4-ball friction experimental machine, Timken experimental machine arm beam: 1J 2.75j, 5 so that less plastic bags can be used to protect the environment? A few days ago 5ip complimentary ticket line: (Miss Lu)

activity 2: there is an activity to buy products to subsidize the travel fee throughout the exhibition

no matter where you come from, we give you the most thoughtful feedback, and you can get the travel fee subsidy by buying equipment. According to incomplete statistics,

in 2014, the on-site travel allowance for the exhibition was more than 200000 yuan

invest in a good exhibition in Chengdu and win the whole western market! We are ready for the new Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Center, an industry event, on April 22 and 24, and are waiting for you

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