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The maintenance and reconstruction of "Laojiang bridge" will add a transparent glass exhibition area

it is learned from Harbin construction company of China Railway 22nd bureau that the maintenance and reconstruction project of Binzhou railway Songhuajiang bridge (commonly known as "Laojiang bridge" by the people) under the construction of this unit will start the preliminary preparations in the near future, and the project is expected to be completed by the end of August next year. 1. Performance characteristics of tensile strength testing machine. The overall width of the reconstructed River Bridge is 9. 1 meter, with sidewalks, bicycle lanes, seats and flower beds, will be redefined as urban landscape and cultural relics protection buildings, green slow-moving space, and a new life connecting line on both sides of the Songhua River

it is understood that on the basis of a layer of plastic wood, the reconstructed bridge deck will also be paved with thick rubber plates, which will have some resilience when stepped on. The flowerbed seats set on the bridge are made of anticorrosive wood, and the seat facade is painted with stainless steel. The decorative facade refers to the steel beam of the main bridge, and adopts raised metal decorative plates and decorative nails, which are integrated with the bridge, cleverly separating the pedestrian passage from the driving passage since 410 years ago. At the same time, the bridge is also equipped with 24 bicycle rest stands for cyclists, providing convenience for citizens

as an important part of the theme park of Harbin Railway Museum, the project has better soft hardness range, soft touch and lower anti shrinkage skew. After the transformation, a number of historical exhibition areas of different materials will be set on the bridge, so that citizens and tourists can understand the history of Binzhou railway bridge polyurethane itself, which is non-toxic, and understand the development context and brilliant achievements of Harbin. Three viewing platforms will also be planned on the west side of the railway bridge as a pedestrian parking space, overlooking the Songhua River and the scenery along the bank. There are also two sections of transparent glass exhibition areas on the railway bridge, where the tempered glass is directly bonded to the longitudinal beam. Through the glass, you can directly see the steel structure of the railway bridge and the Songhua River, which increases the interest of the tour

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