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In order to encourage and commend the independent innovation of China's scientific instruments and laboratory equipment manufacturing industry, improve the level of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment industry and the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, at the 19th China International Scientific Instruments and laboratory equipment exhibition (Cisile 2021), The China instrumentation industry association will continue to organize the selection of the "independent innovation Gold Award" at the China International Scientific Instruments and laboratory equipment exhibition. At the same time, after careful study, it was decided to adjust the frequency of the selection activities of the "Independent Innovation Award", which will be held once every two exhibitions since 2021

selection method:

in order to objectively and fairly select the 19th China International Scientific Instruments and laboratory equipment exhibition (Cisile 2021) "independent innovation Gold Award", this selection method is specially formulated as follows:

I. selection conditions:

(I) all products applying to participate in the selection of Cisile 2021 "independent innovation Gold Award" must meet the following conditions:

1 Must be the exhibits of Cisile 2021

2. The declared award-winning products need to provide product technical identification documents, quality inspection documents, novelty search reports, user use reports (sealed); Those who have obtained patents or international and domestic awards need to provide corresponding supporting materials; If the declared product is a performance prototype, the product quality inspection documents must be provided; 3. Super large instruments, equipment and systems may not bring products to the scene, but the exhibition site must test items: the performance change experiment must have the display board and image data of the declared products

(II) application conditions for Cisile 2021 "independent innovation Gold Award":/p>

1. Independent brands with independent intellectual property rights

2. New products or performance prototypes launched in recent 3 years (since 2018) (generally not less than 2)

3. The products that introduce, digest and absorb foreign technology should be Chinese brands, and the main technology has been localized, and the localization rate should be more than 80%

4. Wholly foreign-owned enterprises, joint ventures controlled by foreign investors, and foreign product agents will not participate in the selection of independent innovation gold awards for the time being, but will enter windows activities through a series of operations (Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan enterprises are Chinese funded enterprises)

II. Selection criteria:

1. Adopt new principles or have new design ideas

2. Significant innovation and improvement in technology, production, process, quality and application

3. It is very difficult for the technology to reach the domestic leading level and approach or reach the international advanced level, which has played or is expected to play a major role in promoting the scientific and technological progress of the industry; Mass produced products have the highest market share in the industry, high user satisfaction, and great economic and social benefits

4. New application software or special functional components that can improve the overall level of the instrument

III. selection organization:

(I) the selection of awards is the responsibility of the evaluation expert group. The evaluation expert group is composed of experienced experts engaged by the association who are enthusiastic about the development of domestic instruments, act fairly, and understand the situation of scientific instruments and technical products at home and abroad in terms of instrument R & D, manufacturing, application, etc

(II) the review expert group is composed of about 7 people, with a leader and a deputy leader. The group leader and Deputy group leaders are appointed by the association. The team leader is responsible for the comprehensive review, and the deputy team leader assists the team leader in his work

(III) the evaluation experts must strictly abide by the selection discipline, fulfill the confidentiality commitment, and shall not disclose the discussion and evaluation results in the evaluation process. Any person who violates the above disciplines will be disqualified from participating in the review in the future

IV. selection procedure:

(I) for units applying for Cisile 2021 "independent innovation Gold Award", please send the application materials in the electronic version of word document to the e-mail before March 15, 2021, and the exhibition and Exchange Department of the association will conduct the preliminary review

(II) after passing the preliminary examination, the applicant shall be notified to submit the formal application documents. The documents are in triplicate, bound in a volume with A4 paper size, bound vertically on the left side, and sent to the exhibition and Exchange Department of the association before March 30, 2021 (the mailing time of materials shall be subject to the postmark). The application documents include: 1. Cisile 2021 "independent innovation Gold Award" application form with official seal; 2. Application report detailing the performance, technical level, independent intellectual property rights and core technology, application fields and benefits of the instrument (within 3000 words); 3. Necessary technical documents and corresponding supporting materials that are sufficient to prove that the instrument to be applied for is technically advanced, has excellent performance and stable quality after examination (Trial); 4. User feedback information form or user use report

(III) in order to increase the transparency of the selection work and accept social supervision, the list of application units and products will be publicized on the official website of the exhibition

(IV) hold a centralized expert group meeting to review all application documents and technical comments. The winning products are recommended by secret ballot, scored by computer and sorted to produce the winning products

(V) the evaluation team will submit the list of award-winning products and a brief explanation of the reasons for the award to the China Instrumentation Industry Association for approval

(VI) the expert group went to the Cisile 2021 exhibition site to review and confirm the award results

(VII) during the Cisile 2021 exhibition, announce the selection results and the list of award-winning products, and issue medals and certificates

v. publicity of award-winning products:

in order to expand publicity, the association station and Exhibition station will announce the award-winning products and units for free publicity; At the same time, the association will actively recommend award-winning technologies and products to the society, the government and users

VI. confidentiality of application materials for awards:

the host unit of the awards and the personnel participating in the awards are responsible for keeping technical and trade secrets for the enterprises applying for awards

VII. Supplementary provisions:

(I) the right to interpret this selection method belongs to the China Instrument and meter industry association under the situation of the accelerating pace of international new material innovation

(II) if there are major problems such as infringement and fraud in the award exhibits, after verification, the cancellation of their awards and the recovery of trophies and certificates will be announced on the association's website and relevant media

(III) no fee will be charged to the applicant for the selection of this award

Application Form Download:

method 1. Please log in to the website to browse and download the specific activity plan and application form

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