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Evening news will be officially closed next year. Insiders commented on the current situation of paper media

on October 28 this year, Shanghai newspaper group was officially established. Yesterday, the evening news under the newspaper group officially announced that it would stop publishing from January 1, 2014, and the newspaper staff would redefine their positions through the strategic investment of full staff competition and lack of research resources within the group. "Evening news", founded in 1999, is an urban Evening News under the Liberation newspaper group. It has also become the first newspaper suspended since the establishment of Shanghai newspaper group

■ "evening news" has an embarrassing position within the group

although the specific information of the competition for all employees of "evening news" was not announced on the website of Jiefang group yesterday, a circulated schedule is: the competition for positions was announced on December 30, 2013; Fill in the volunteer form from January 1 to 3, 2014; From January 4 to 6; On January 13, the list of Posts was announced

we heard that there are 167 people in the evening news. This time, the staff diversion may be that the morning news receives 50 people; Liberation, Wen Wei Po and Xinmin Evening News received 39 people each. A person from Shanghai newspaper group said

in fact, as soon as Shanghai newspaper group was established, the exit of evening news was already expected. At that time, people had expectations about the trade-offs of homogeneous newspapers within the group after integration, such as two evening newspapers and two subway newspapers. People from Shanghai newspaper group said that between evening news and Xinmin Evening News, people prefer to keep Xinmin Evening News. First, Xinmin Evening News has a long history and high reputation; Second, the circulation and economic benefits of Xinmin Evening News have ranked first in the country for many consecutive years

in contrast, the advertising revenue of the evening news has not improved. The homogenization of content and operating losses have embarrassed the evening news. "Evening news" has not been profitable, and it is not a good asset in the eyes of the group, although sometimes the content is good. "Evening news" compatriot brother "Morning News" a colleague said

■ people in the media industry commented that

@ Zhanjiang (Professor of the Department of international and communication, Beijing Foreign Studies University): Shanghai Evening News will end its publication on January 1. On January 22, the front page headline of the newspaper, "reform is a new great change". In fact, it is also a great change for newspapers with a history of 400 years to adapt to the Internet and gradually withdraw from the historical stage. Shanghai's approach is wise. An insider said: a major newspaper in Shanghai will lose 60million yuan in advance next year. The overall decline of newspapers is unstoppable. The question is, how many places can establish an exit mechanism based on current affairs like Shanghai

@ Zhu Xuedong (currently the editor in chief of China Weekly): all kinds of dead methods of the media are about to appear, but if the blame is too much on the technical impact, or too much on the system (at present, it is only the background, in the long run), the electronic universal experimental machine is also divided into the electronic universal experimental machine with one arm, which is an escape. Hearing about the evening news, there is no pain of rabbit death and fox sorrow at all, even if we may die. It's normal to have life and death. Unfortunately, this normal thing in other industries comes too late in the feudal earth polder of the media. The whole impact experiment 1 is generally an experimental way to clarify the safety coefficient, credibility and effectiveness of goods when military and civil machinery and equipment bear the impact or efficacy of external forces. Each earth polder's maximum load FM value does not taste the climax, but faces collapse. Of course, their fate will be different. However, don't blame technology. It's not time for technology to kill us. We killed ourselves first

@ songshoushan (media person): the evening news was suspended, and the Weibo cried out. In fact, this is just a rational choice made under the same roof to avoid homogeneous competition and waste of resources. If there is no early merger, everyone still wants to compete for a share in the media market in greater Shanghai. But now, there is no need. Three issues were published in 1999 and now they are suspended, both of which follow the trend. Just arrange the personnel. The evening paper was suspended and began to talk about the failure of the paper media, without thinking that any industry, as long as it is done well, will live well. Why do you do publishing as well? Some publishing houses can only live by selling book numbers. Finally, people are unwilling to buy your book number when they sell book numbers, which is disgraceful, while some publishing houses even publish minority humanities books, but they also live very well? Find out more about your own reasons and less about external conditions

@ Sha Yuansen (Senior commentator of Qilu Evening News): This is more like a resource integration, or structural adjustment. There are indeed too many urban newspapers in Shanghai. It is hard to say that the suspension of the evening paper is a sign of the demise of the paper media. Guangzhou Apollo club has long disappeared, but Guangzhou Evergrande has entered the World Club Cup

Shanghai Evening News, founded in 1999, is a cutting-edge urban Evening News under the Liberation newspaper group, with an average daily circulation of 700000 in 2011. Over the past ten years, the evening news has been revised several times. With the purpose of mainstream power and improving China, it has comprehensively built the main road of Shanghai people and pursued profound value and far-reaching social influence

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