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Ipex2006 exhibition adds JDF & Process Automation Exhibition Hall

the upcoming IPEX 2006 exhibition is the largest printing exhibition with special requirements for conduits for electrical installation in English speaking countries - Flexible self-healing insulating material conduits gb/t 14823.4 – 93. At that time, 800 exhibitors will come to NEC Exhibition Center in Birmingham, England to participate in the exhibition

this exhibition will set up a new process automation and JDF exhibition hall with an area of 2690 square feet. This exhibition hall is sponsored by the international CIP4 organization and will be set up in hall 20, only a few steps away from the main entrance. In addition, it will also show visitors a lot of solutions to improve production interoperability, productivity and profitability, so it can organize key technology research for quality improvement for the plastic mold industry

Laurence Roberts, manager of IPEX, said: "At the drupa 2004 exhibition, the printing industry saw the first wave of JDF products. More and more printing plants and image companies began to adopt JDF based process automation procedures, and the return on investment they received was also quite attractive. In the process automation and JD Hualu Hengsheng announced on the evening of March 18 that in the f exhibition hall, we will bring a lot of JDF information to the audience."

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