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Locate the one button to directly connect to the community for help

seeing her wife fall to the ground, the elderly zhaoshuifeng was helpless. In her anxiety and panic, she thought of the care for the elderly distributed by the community, pressed the red button, and "community livelihood services are directly connected to the community center. Fortunately, 10 minutes later, the social workers rushed to the scene to solve the urgent needs of the old couple

this life-saving and emergency care for the elderly is the first "digital community" in Zhejiang Province. Chaoming street, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou city sends the elderly a personal location. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the community service in Hangzhou has entered the "digital" era, and the elderly care has also been marked with the "digital" brand

special one click through service

grandpa niujijie, who lives in building 37, Dongyuan community, is 68 years old. He has been bedridden since his first stroke in 1998. He has been taken care of by his wife wumei'e for a long time. Until recently, he gradually got out of bed and walked. The sons of the two old people work in Ningbo. They go home to visit the two old people on New Year's holidays. They usually rely on the two old people to take care of their daily life

"this is specially equipped for the elderly. There is a red key and a green key on it. You can dial the green key for daily needs consultation and the red key in case of emergency. The system will automatically locate our residents' location after the community center receives it, and the response is very fast!" Wumeie said

this love has been integrated into the family's life. Wu mei'e said that since her wife was able to get out of bed and walk, she would go for a walk in the park every morning. "If I'm too busy, I press the green button to ask social workers to take more care of me. Sometimes I ask social workers to provide wheelchairs to go to the hospital for examination. Social workers are like my family."

in this community, more than 300 old people have used care

information management creates "digital pension"

there are emergencies, water pipes leaking, consulting relevant policy information, and encountering neighborhood disputes... It is learned that after the "chaoming digital livelihood system" is launched, there are no details, and tens or even hundreds of requests for help every month

Lin Li, deputy director of chaoming street, introduced: "chaoming street has carried out people's livelihood services in 9 communities, with a total of 132 social workers. In Dongyuan community alone, 15 social workers work in turn and are on standby 24 hours a day."

Liuli, spokesman of the Information Office of the disabled persons' Federation of the sub district, introduced that the work of the call center should always pay attention to the problems found in the use process of the experimental machine: Residents contact the call center through love or care. Through the GPRS positioning system, the monitoring screen of the "Minsheng" system call center will immediately display the location and basic information of residents, including name, and disease status. Then the social worker in the call center sent the request to the "handheld office" of the social worker in the nearest place, and the social worker immediately rushed to the scene

after the residents' problems are solved, the social workers will make follow-up feedback, so that the information base of the call center can know whether the residents' problems are successfully solved

when interviewing wumeie, yanxufeng, a social worker in Dongyuan community, happened to send a charger to grandma Wu. Precautions for the use of Yan impact machine Xufeng first illuminated the bar code posted in the residential building with a bar code scanner, and then took it to wumeie's home. Each social worker is equipped with a "social worker bag" used when visiting residents, including handheld office, public information contact card, bar code scanner, shoe cover, memo paper and pen

when visiting residents, social workers only need a bar code scanner to scan the bar code posted on the wall of the residential building to understand the specific situation of the residents of the residential building, including the number of disabled people and the level of disability... Scanning the bar code is like clocking in at work, sending the visit time and place back to the call center

"community channel" is a highlight of "digital" elderly care in Ziyang Street and shangyangshi street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou

mofeidan, the information publicity spokesman of shangyangshi street community, turned on the home digital TV, and the boot screen was the exclusive "community channel" of the community

"through the community channel, residents can easily query gas fees, broadband fees, public transport information, etc. elderly people with mobility difficulties can have a clear view of various community information, subsidies and welfare information at home." Mo feidan said

in the community channel of the community, the "life journey" column is very eye-catching and highly praised by the elderly. This column contains the basic information that residents need to know from childhood, youth, adulthood to old age. The elderly can query how to receive such materials, which are difficult to degrade the elderly preferential treatment certificate in the natural environment, the acceptance procedures for home-based elderly care, and how enterprise retirees transfer personnel

in addition, shangyangshi street community has also equipped the elderly with a family "big housekeeper" electronic system. Through the system binding family, community and emergency assistance, the elderly can easily ask for help through one button when they encounter daily life problems or physical discomfort, and truly realize the digital worry free pension

digital community adds points to "paradise on earth"

"digital" pension is an epitome of Hangzhou's "digital" community

since the birth of chaoming street, the first "digital community" in the lower urban area of Hangzhou, in just one year, 10 streets including Cuiyuan District 1, gudun community, Caihong community and Yuhang new city community have successively built "digital community" platforms, covering 8 districts and counties (cities) such as Xihu District and lower urban area of Hangzhou

the focus of each digital community is also different: for example, the digital tide focuses on people's livelihood; Hushu digital community focuses on telemedicine and health care; Tonglu is a suburban county, and the digital community fully reflects the rural characteristics; Wulin digital community is located in the commercial center, so labor security and urban management monitoring account for a large proportion. People's Overseas Edition

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