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The Sino German Seminar on post press innovation technology was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Nearly 300 managers from printing enterprises in Southwest China came to listen to the speeches of four experts in the industry. Experts and participants discussed the differences and characteristics of post press technology between China and Germany. Experts helped enterprises find new creative inspiration points through the latest post press technology, open a new business model, and jointly promote a forward-looking post press investment strategy

the Sino German post press innovation technology seminar is a public welfare exchange platform based on the latest trend of technology development in the post press field. It has been successfully held for three times. The speech experts focus on the latest technology development and market application in the post press field in Germany, an international printing power, and China, a printing power. Through mutual exchanges, they analyze the development trend of the industry and feel the pulse for the future development of enterprises, It also brings the Postpress development trend that the industry colleagues need to pay attention to most in that year, and solves the most practical management and operation problems in enterprise production. At this seminar, paying tribute to the drupa exhibition just held in Germany in may became the main purpose of the exchange. The latest post press technology and more automated solutions brought participants an immersive experience


post press technology has surpassed the imagination of printing enterprises.

do you have a strategic plan to surpass the last blue ocean market in the printing industry? I wonder if you know the efficiency, automation and high profitability of post press? Have you been puzzled by the difficulty of making profits after your pre press CTP and efficient printing? If the above questions tell the suffering of the printing enterprise managers, the post press technology displayed in drupa will make the enterprise find a satisfactory answer and exceed the enterprise's expectations

the folding technology is no longer just a conventional folding method in the traditional understanding, but has evolved into a more creative art. It can form an ultra thick folding seal by the bonding function of the adhesive strip. It can be made into a adhesive bound booklet or a direct mail business letter by folding, adhesive binding and three side cutting at one time. It can cooperate with the processes such as cover and horseback binding to form different forms of advertising booklets, instructions and notebooks, It can be folded into paper. The plane can do anything

the five development trends of folding technology in the future are: large format folding, full-automatic folding, multi folding, micro folding and ultra thick paper folding. And there are complete solutions at the recently concluded drupa exhibition

chendayong: the deputy general manager of MBO printing equipment system (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which has CNTs and a very large aspect ratio, knows all kinds of problems that are easy to occur in post press technology and enterprise application, and is skilled in post press technology such as folding and binding

Chen Bo:

glue spraying makes the added value after printing higher

glue spraying technology has a long history, but its application in carton processing industry, printing industry, packaging industry and other fields is still a young attempt. This new combination is giving full play to its short and precise advantages to help enterprises stay ahead of competitors

at present, this combination of glue spraying technology appears in the online application with printing machine, rotary machine and folding machine. Compared with the traditional glue installation equipment, the small glue spraying device enables the printing enterprise to invest less and achieve quick results, which can be said to achieve high added value. The glue spraying device can cooperate with any high-speed equipment online, and is more widely used in the packaging industry. It is a special type of machine, ranging from a pack of cigarettes to accelerating the intelligent and digital transformation of plastic equipment to sealing boxes. It is hidden in various processes such as box pasting machine and carton processing

the application of sealing adhesive will not affect the increase of paper thickness. It is mainly used in manuals, pamphlets, envelopes, direct mail and other products. It can also provide bar code detection, glue spraying, glue position detection and removal system for high-speed and high-quality medical packaging

although they are all sprayed, the latest application of glue spraying equipment in the world does not spray glue, but a softener whose working principle is basically the same as that of ordinary printing. The softener consists of 90% water and 10% softener. Through such an auxiliary function, the product can be more comfortable in the folding process. In addition, there is a glue spraying device equipped with a quality inspection system, which will also ensure the product quality

Chen Bo: general manager of baomeng Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., who understands the application of glue spraying technology in the printing and packaging industry, and is familiar with relevant quality inspection systems and visual inspection systems

Ni Youxin:

the way to survive after printing under the short version live

short version live, short version live! This is a problem that printing enterprises all over the world are facing, and China is no exception. This also makes the customer relationship and even the industry of printing enterprises change through the IOS application access chain. The trend that is unfolding all over the world is that printing enterprises may directly contact their final customers face-to-face. How to cooperate with the digital printing machine which can perform short edition printing has become an important issue in the future development trend of post press technology

there are many similar solutions in this drupa. Looking around, there are already many printing enterprises that have made digital and post press very successful. Short edition can also expand the new added value after printing

as printing becomes simpler and faster, post printing becomes the last limiting focus. All printing enterprises are thinking about how to make the best products in the shortest time with the least number of people. High efficiency and high automation can make it satisfied. At the same time, more environmental protection is also the general trend. Reducing energy consumption, reducing production noise, reducing the time required for equipment setting, and finally improving accuracy and product quality are the concerns of the post press department with the largest number of employees in printing enterprises, and also a major focus in the development of enterprises

Ni Youxin: President of Martini Greater China, a bridge between China and Germany in the post press field, understands the Chinese printing market and the needs of printing enterprises

Zhu Kejun:

packaging post press machinery makes products more environmentally friendly

ease of use is the survival of packaging post press machinery, and environmental protection is the top priority of food packaging containers. From the hardcover book case machine to the paper cup machine, packaging system, protective packaging machinery, etc., while the process can be extended, the environmental protection grade that can be achieved by the lifting machinery due to the different packages should also be considered

the double-layer isolation paper cup is an application case of the latest environmental protection packaging container. The paper cup is divided into an inner cup and an outer cup, with an air isolation layer in the middle, which can be used to hold hot and frozen drinks for heat preservation. Although the process change is small, it has a great impact on the process. At present, the production machinery can produce 180 to 200 pieces per minute. But it only appears in the beverage packaging of some major international brands

Zhu Kejun: executive deputy general manager of haoyoufu (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd. and a senior post press expert in China. From state-owned enterprises to foreign enterprises, he knows the development context of the post press field and understands the demands of enterprises

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