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The portable opelanis massage instrument can be unloaded anytime, anywhere

according to the suggestions of medical experts, massage can effectively remove fatigue for patients with cervical pain. Regular massage can help to improve the degree of cervical lesions. Based on this point, excellent brands in massage equipment industry should also effectively consider these parameters in selection; Opelanis has developed a massage artifact specially for people with cervical vertebra diseases, which can help people alleviate the discomfort of cervical vertebra and help people easily remove the weight of the body

because the general cervical massager is bulky, it is usually placed in a fixed place, which can not immediately help people relax when they are tired. This opelanis cervical massager is developed for this purpose. It adopts a convenient and lightweight shawl design, which can be carried to all places, and can timely relax the uncomfortable body for people

(opelanis cervical vertebra massage instrument)

moreover, this opelanis cervical vertebra massage instrument mentioned here does not refer to the board card of the computer. It also has many advantages in massage function. It has intelligent massage chip 4D kneading technology and 16 unique jade feeling carbon fiber massage heads, which are distributed around the acupoints of the human body, so that the kneading massage can be more in place and the intensity can be adjusted at will. It is suitable for different people with different levels of cervical pain, which largely crushes the time-consuming and cumbersome traditional massage

(schematic diagram of keys of opelanis cervical vertebra massage instrument)

in addition, opelanis cervical vertebra massage instrument also pays special attention to safety. The 12V human body safety voltage is adopted, which is lower than the 36V voltage that the human body can bear, so that the user can 2 Do not use the pendulum and do not put it nearby. How to realize the imagination about the future car? It is safe to use

(voltage diagram of opelanis cervical vertebra massage instrument)

cervical vertebra problems become more and more serious with bad posture. If they are not improved, they may lead to nerve compression and movement obstacles. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, make plans for your body as soon as possible, relieve cervical vertebra fatigue in time, and give yourself a relaxed body

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