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Intellectualization leads the label industry to open up a new world (Part 2)

fresher and safer

let's take a look at the latest progress in several label fields. These labels are developed to keep food or some types of drugs fresh for a longer time, or at least prevent products from spoiling before use. For example, remove oxygen or ethylene, absorb moisture or odor while oxygen labels; There are also labels that indicate freshness, microbial growth, or package leakage

perhaps some more complex label solutions are labels that can indicate hydrogen sulfide, which can warn of clear package leakage, or provide information for the destruction in the freezing link; Or specially designed oxygen display label, which can warn of package leakage in air conditioning packaging; Or it is a label that can be used to indicate the freshness of fruit or prevent the rapid deterioration of fruit

the potential of these labels is of great significance to the whole food industry chain. Many fresh foods today have only a few days of shelf life or shelf life after packaging and labeling. Then, once the food arrives at the store, its shelf life may only be a few days before it needs to be sold

for example, if the food is not sold on Saturday afternoon, you may have to wait until the store reopens on the following Monday. At that time, the food has to be disposed of or sold at a substantial price. Similarly, if the food is not eaten quickly, it may also deteriorate in the consumer's refrigerator. Using these new labels in packaging to prevent the deterioration of food is beneficial to retailers and consumers

for soft fruits such as blackberries, fatigue damage is more widespread in one day or they will begin to flow out of clam shell packaging after two days. Although still edible, it looks appetizing. Before sealing the package, stick a label that absorbs moisture inside the package, so as to prevent the deterioration of the fruit

similar problems also appear in some drugs in the form of tablets. Since the tablets will be exposed to oxygen or moisture every time the bottle is opened, they will begin to deteriorate in the bottle. Labels that absorb oxygen and moisture in the bottle can prolong the service life of drugs

perhaps the greatest potential in the field of food and drugs is to develop labels that can detect or kill most bacteria and viruses. The first such labels have now entered the market and will be able to detect E. coli (LI) contamination, Clostridium difficile, and even avian influenza and mad cow disease in food

opportunities for label manufacturers

a new world is coming to label manufacturers. Put aside the method of making multi Chinese conventional extruder and production line color labels only by bidding, and consider the opportunities of producing value-added labels: labels that can eliminate or minimize bacteria, labels that can protect food, labels that can prevent the invasion of bacteria and microorganisms, labels that can provide evidence of process control or reduce fake labels

The future of labels and packaging will undoubtedly become smaller. In the next five years, nanotechnology will bring solutions that brand owners and retail groups could not dream of before. These solutions will revolutionize the way we package, identify, mark, enhance, store and sell all kinds of products. However, just like many other types of label production, the introduction of these new smart labels takes the aluminum based new material industry as the leading industry, and the training label solution needs to be supported. First of all, label manufacturers need smart and creative talents to put forward ideas and application solutions; Secondly, label manufacturers need appropriate processing materials, technologies and equipment in order to manufacture products; Thirdly, label manufacturers need skilled sales and marketing personnel to introduce the benefits of products to potential consumers

many enterprises may only meet one or two of these requirements, and few enterprises have both. This requires forward-looking management to apply the correct manpower, procedures, systems and concepts to practice, monitor all new technological developments, and create a career environment that focuses on tomorrow rather than yesterday's solutions

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