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Intelligent and information-based production will become the main line of the comprehensive development of waste rubber

backward production technology and strong smell in the workshop, which may be the inherent image of many people for waste rubber production. However, when I walked into Henan Xinxiang rubber and plastic industry Co., Ltd. on June 8, I saw something else - there were only 18 workers in the fully automated production workshop half the size of a football field, each of whom served as a piece of equipment. The products produced were neatly and orderly stacked in the open-air warehouse outside the workshop, and I didn't smell any pungent taste in the factory

caoqingxin, Secretary General of the waste rubber comprehensive use branch of China Rubber Industry Association, said in an interview that the waste rubber comprehensive use company has a strong interest in upgrading production equipment, and intelligent and information-based production will become the main line of career development in the future. After the release of "made in China 2025", the trend of green and intelligent development of the comprehensive use of waste rubber has become more significant

the plan promotes the promotion of the company's main s0.003

caoqingxin found that I paid a high salary to hire; There is no equipment. "The introduction of" made in China 2025 "has brought certain pressure of emission reduction to companies related to the profession. The company actively upgrades its production equipment in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection."

the "recycled rubber active weighing and unloading machine" developed by Henan Xinxiang rubber and plastic industry Co., Ltd. was expected by shopping malls once it was launched. The equipment can assist the company to complete the policy of all initiatives of reclaimed rubber mixing technology. Tianmingxu, the chairman of the company, informed the China Economic Herald that the feature of this equipment is that the film is cooled rapidly. Silicone rubber mixing not only makes the operators leave the essence machine roller with relatively high air pollution concentration, reducing the degree of pollution of the operators, but also makes the exhaust gas collection equipment more rigorous, which helps to reduce the air pollution of all rubber mixing workshops

domestic companies of the same profession believe that the equipment has remarkable effect in energy saving and automatic production, excellent operation and satisfactory production requirements. One company also put forward some proposals to promote equipment upgrading

"if the production of renewable rubber per ton can save energy by 20%, the energy savings can reach more than 246million tons, and the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by 193000 tons." Tian Mingxu explained, "according to the calculation that five workers can be reduced for every 10000 tons of recycled rubber produced, China's annual output of 4.1 million tons of recycled rubber in 2014 can save about 2000 people's human capital."

in order to purchase a set of world-leading renewable rubber production equipment, Anhui red sun new materials Co., Ltd. is a spender, spending $15million to introduce this set of intelligent environmental protection equipment from abroad, including patent use rights, national agency rights in the Asia Pacific region and production and use rights of technical formulas

"although China's waste rubber comprehensive use companies are now widespread, the plan is small, and the increase method is crude, from the perspective of future development, companies that do not pay attention to environmental protection will be difficult to adapt to the development of the economic situation." Caoqingxin has determined three major policies and missions to the leakage profession, "change the destruction technology of waste tires; eliminate coal tar and formulate self-discipline specifications for the environment-friendly reclaimed rubber profession; change the high-temperature and high-pressure desulfurization technology of reclaimed rubber and select the atmospheric continuous environmental protection desulfurization technology."

"it is concluded that these three guidelines will make the comprehensive use of waste rubber profession a new look and truly take environmental protection as the primary mission, which is also in line with the green development policy of" made in China 2025 " Cao Qingxin said. The integrated use of waste rubber and the automatic production workshop will use different material combinations respectively

intelligent and information-based production is the main line

China production 2025 proposes to take "Internet +" as the core to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, which will be the main line to promote "China production 2025". The plan points out, "accelerate the integration of the new generation of information technology and production technology, and take intelligent production as the main direction of the deep integration of the two; focus on intelligent equipment and intelligent goods, promote the intellectualization of the production process, cultivate new production methods, and improve the intellectualization level of the company's research, production, management and service."

then, what kind of "chemical" reaction will occur when the bright and fashionable Internet meets the silly black waste rubber

"Internet + waste rubber" can help companies produce more intelligently. In the meantime, through interconnection, we can share car ownership, tire production, etc. In addition, in terms of intelligent technology, electronic video is installed on the equipment to turn it into a "fool device", save relevant data and carry out fully automatic production

fan Rende, honorary president of China Rubber Industry Association, informed that "intelligent production is one of the top 10 strategies proposed in the" strategic discussion on developing a strong country in China's rubber industry ". Based on information technology, intelligent production represented by robots has begun to receive widespread attention in the rubber industry. China Rubber Association has made significant progress in implementing 10 active production lines of intelligent production in the rubber industry."

Cao Qingxin said, "it is mainly the automation of rubber powder production, the continuous regeneration process and the linkage of rubber refining (kneading, essence and rubber filtration)." Together, we will focus on the promotion of new technologies such as "automatic program-controlled waste tire treatment production line", "atmospheric pressure plasticization continuous regeneration method" and "multi machine first-line active production line"

how should the company make efforts in the face of intelligent production? Caoqingxin said, "further develop and improve professional active chemical equipment, improve the continuity, automation, intelligence and intensification of production process, reduce the unit energy consumption of equipment, and conduct forward-looking pre research on some brand-new regeneration theories; encourage the company to carry out production cleaning, operation linkage and automation, management informatization, and improve the equipment scheme and operation control level." The vision of the fiscal and tax support policy is unclear. Although the "made in China 2025" proposed to strengthen the fiscal and tax support in the item of support and guarantee, some interviewed experts in the industry refused to sign showed that there is no news of any fiscal and tax support policy in terms of the occupation of comprehensive use of waste rubber, and limited by the fact that the question of input value-added tax invoices of waste rubber companies has not been effectively solved, The vision of relevant companies to obtain the support of relevant policies is not bright

in an interview with China Economic Herald, Cao Qingxin introduced the preferential policies adopted by prosperous countries and regions for the disposal of waste tires, such as tax relief and financial subsidies. For example, although the legislation of each state in the United States is different, the policy for dealing with waste tires is basically the same, and each tire is given a subsidy of $3-5; The Canadian government stipulates a subsidy of $60 for each ton of waste tires disposed; EU grants 140 euros for each ton processed; Taiwan's environmental protection agency will give a subsidy of NT $3200 for each ton handled in Taiwan, and Hong Kong's environmental protection agency will give a subsidy of HK $1700 for each ton handled in Hong Kong. In Cao Qingxin's view, the use of waste tires belongs to a career with strong government support, policy encouragement and public welfare

in this regard, caoqingxin said that China should learn from overseas leading experience, contact the current situation of our country, and formulate a good policy for the occupation of comprehensive use of waste rubber

in addition, in the support and guarantee of China's production 2025, it is also proposed to improve the multi-level talent cultivation system. We will strengthen the overall planning and 2 classification guidance of production talents, arrange and implement the production talent cultivation plan, strengthen the cultivation of professional and technical talents, operation and management talents and technical talents, and improve the talent cultivation system from research, transformation, production to management

Cao Qingxin showed that first of all, we should eliminate "old comrades" and cultivate young people. Nowadays, most professional young people are "the second generation of fathers". They inherit their father's career, but they should not imitate the status quo, but innovate. "At the end of this year, we will establish a Youth Alliance for the comprehensive use of plastic products in China to cultivate new successors."

secondly, the postgraduate and doctoral students are encouraged to directly participate in the professional discussion troops in the field of comprehensive use of waste rubber. At present, there are more than 50 researchers in South China Institute of technology, Qingdao University of science and technology and Beijing University of chemical technology alone, and more than 60 doctoral students from the Chinese Academy of Sciences system and the research force of waste rubber in the post doctoral workstation. The fundamental theoretical research of renewable rubber profession is being consolidated, and has laid the foundation for future innovation

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