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Intelligence makes quality Schneider Electric escorts the production of lithium batteries

Beijing, China, September 14, 2020. Whether it's electric cars flying on the road, drones flying in the sky, or people's intelligence that never leaves their hands, they can't do without the strong power of lithium batteries

in the era of new energy, the importance of lithium batteries is no different from the heart of mobile devices. However, only with safe, high-quality and high-performance materials as the basis, can the heart beat healthily and vigorously, providing endless power and energy for the new energy era. Based on this, the lithium battery material industry has developed rapidly in recent years and has broad market prospects, attracting a large number of enterprises

Tian Yuan group is an enterprise with a history of chemical synthesis for more than 70 years. In recent years, the company has participated in the investment and establishment of Yibin Guangyuan lithium battery materials Co., Ltd. (Yibin Guangyuan) and Yibin Libao new materials Co., Ltd. (Yibin Libao) to fully enter the lithium battery industry. Among them, Yibin Guangyuan focuses on the research and development and production of lithium battery cathode material precursors, and Yibin Libao integrates the research and development and production of lithium battery cathode materials. The production capacity of both precursors and cathode materials is planned to reach 100000 tons by the end of the 14th five year plan

Wang Zhengqiang, vice president of Tian Yuan group, said: our goal is to build these two enterprises into a new and highly stable smart factory, and strive to be at the leading level in the domestic lithium battery industry in terms of capacity scale and technical level. This goal can not be achieved without the help of a digital experienced, safe and reliable partner. Through discussion with Schneider Electric intelligent manufacturing expert team, we have jointly formulated the company's digital blueprint. The whole intelligent manufacturing project is planned and implemented from the top level, and remarkable results have been achieved so far

In daily life, if there is some dust on our clothes, we can focus on the development of organic chemical raw materials and new chemical materials. However, if the same situation occurs in the production line of lithium battery cathode materials, it will lose lithium, which is thousands of miles away

cathode material is the decisive factor for the electrochemical performance of lithium batteries, which directly affects the energy density and safety of batteries. In the production process, if the content of some element exceeds the standard, or a trace of dust is mixed, it may cause serious consequences due to the quality amplification effect, or the whole batch of products may be directly scrapped, or lead to safety accidents such as explosion. Therefore, the quality of cathode materials is very important for downstream products

quality is the life of lithium new energy. In order to firmly hold this lifeline, Yibin Guangyuan and Yibin Libao need to strictly control the product quality level and ensure the consistency of product quality. Yan Hua, general manager of Yibin Libao, said: relying on the ecostruxure architecture, Schneider Electric provided us with atv310h, atv610, atv630 series frequency converters, C65 series, ng125 series miniature circuit breakers, as well as aveva InTouch software, aveva historian real-time database and LIMS laboratory information management system, and combined with the actual situation of Yibin Libao, A manufacturing execution system (MES) covering a complete set of lithium battery cathode material production devices has been developed for us, and an information-based management technology scheme for the production execution process has been built, thus realizing the integrated management mode of quality control from upstream raw materials to downstream finished products

in the production process, this set of MES system with comprehensive process coverage is like a conscientious quality supervisor, ensuring the quality level of products with multiple insurances

the production process of lithium battery cathode material is very complex. The raw material must be dissolved, reacted, centrifuged, dried and packaged in Yibin Guangyuan to become a precursor, and then in Yibin Libao, it can be changed into a cathode material that determines the performance of lithium battery through many steps, such as batching, high-speed mixing, first burning, crushing, batch mixing, sieving, iron removal and packaging. During this period, it involves the cooperation and cooperation of many different professionals, and information needs to be transferred and circulated among personnel of different types of work. MES has changed the traditional mode of transmitting information in paper documents or documents, and has been taken over by the system. This can not only avoid the error and loss of data in the process of circulation, but also realize the unification of production planning, production scheduling, equipment, quality, scheduling, statistics, operation and measurement data sources. By establishing detailed quality data files for each product, MES system can effectively monitor and track the quality control in the whole production process, find out where the control is weak, and gradually improve it

in addition to the data level, MES system can also solidify advanced management concepts into executable management business processes and implement quality control to people. If ERP is compared to a high-level leader, its responsibility is to set goals and talk about planning, but how to turn the specific goals into reality. It also needs grass-roots managers such as MES to effectively implement the quality control points in the manufacturing process to the foreign body management and corresponding operators on the production site, so as to eliminate the dead corner of management

if there is any abnormality in the production process, such as accidental pollution of materials or equipment failure, the MES system will immediately notify relevant personnel to deal with it in time to avoid subsequent greater economic losses

Yan Hua spoke highly of this system: MES system improves the stability of product quality in the manufacturing process; In terms of production management, it has realized the integration and unification of business data sources of all sectors. It can efficiently coordinate the work between departments and realize the information-based automatic control of the production and manufacturing execution process. At present, the company's production process capacity CPK has reached 1.67, which is at an advanced level in China and even Asia

forward tracking, reverse tracking

thanks to the continuous improvement of lithium battery materials and processes, electric vehicles can run farther, unmanned aerial vehicles can fly higher, and intelligence can last longer. These products powered by new energy are closely related to people's daily life. Once a battery safety accident occurs, it may lead to property loss, or even endanger life safety

especially in the field of new energy vehicles, an electric vehicle is equipped with thousands of batteries, even if only one of them has a large difference in performance and others, it may cause unsafe accidents due to heating during charging and discharging. Therefore, new energy vehicle manufacturers often require the upstream power manufacturers to provide complete traceability data

in order to explore a broader new energy market, Yibin Guangyuan and Yibin Libao have paid special attention to the traceability of product quality data since the beginning of construction. To achieve this, we must open the black box of workshop management and realize the real-time feedback of production data, so that managers can master the situation of the production site

therefore, Yibin Libao proposed to establish a centralized control scheme for the process control system with batch control function, that is, while the process control system completes the automatic control, it establishes data modeling involving formula, production process real-time data, alarm data and laboratory inspection and analysis data with batch number as the keyword, so as to provide a good data source for MES

thanks to the data access from the bottom to the top, whenever ERP issues an order, MES can automatically obtain the formula, process parameters, operators and other data of each batch of products. Once a problem occurs, the system can trace multiple elements such as equipment, personnel, process, supplier, and environment

Yan Hua said: our two enterprises have applied the MES system of Schneider Electric, so we can use the batch management module to realize the complete traceability from the raw materials provided by upstream Yibin Guangyuan to the finished products of downstream Yibin Libao. Through the information traceability management of eight modules, such as quality inspection, process indicators, production records, production management, we can achieve positive tracking Reverse traceability refers to the traceability of any node in the production process, and the traceability level is in the forefront of the industry

continuous optimization and rapid iteration

with the advent of the era of Internet of things, more and more devices are endowed with mobility and intelligence. Their appearance is different, their functions are diverse, and their requirements for battery power supply are also different. Some pursue cost performance, some pursue high safety, some pursue long endurance, and some pursue large capacity, which means that different application scenarios need lithium batteries with different performance to provide power support

in contrast, lithium battery materials are also highly customized products, which often need to be developed according to the specific needs of downstream customers. For Yibin Guangyuan and Yibin Libao, based on the industrial big data platform, continuous optimization of product formula and acceleration of product iteration are their magic weapons to win market opportunities in the future

at present, based on the cooperation with Schneider Electric, the two enterprises have laid a good foundation for the industrial big data platform. The seamless integration between MES and other systems enables key information such as formula data, process data, product performance test data to be completely recorded in the system, and can automatically generate reports for display, saving the tedious work of manual collection and comparison of data

through the long-term tracking of key data, Yibin Guangyuan and Yibin Libao can obtain key insights based on big data analysis, so as to realize the optimization and improvement of products and take a quick step in product research and development


if there is no material with excellent quality and excellent performance, even if the design is innovative, the process is advanced and the inspection is strict, high-quality industrial products cannot be produced. Therefore, the material industry, which bears the heavy responsibility of industrial foundation, directly determines the height of industrial development in the future. In the future, Yibin Libao will continue to work together with Schneider Electric to realize the efficient and sustainable development of the lithium battery industry, and use high-performance materials to energize the new era of energy in the future

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