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Intelligent leading, integration and innovation Baoji Machine Tool Group successfully held the 2019 factory opening day (attached figure)

on January 18, the company held a meeting with agents who are large and rarely meet in China. Tan Jianrong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, industry expert of the China machine tool industry association, Yin qingliao, deputy secretary of Baoji municipal Party committee, Wang Ninggang, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and deputy mayor of Baoji, and FA Ziling, deputy inspector of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Shaanxi Province, Han Yilei, deputy director of the equipment department of Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, duanyinsheng, director of Baoji Bureau of industry and information technology, Zheng Jian'an, deputy director of Baoji SASAC, and Hu Hong, President of Qinchuan group attended the conference and expert forum. A total of 300 people from more than 120 agents, key users, Group executives, cadres at or above the middle level, and major principals of subsidiaries from all over the country participated in the event

Wang Ninggang, member of the Standing Committee of Baoji municipal Party committee and vice mayor of Baoji, spoke highly of the company's development achievements in recent years and its position as the backbone of the industry, and said that he would continue to care for and support the development of Baoji Machine Tool Group, and would provide all-round support in scientific and technological research and development, project construction, talent introduction, financial support and other aspects. Hu Hong, President of Qinchuan group, delivered a speech and congratulated the company on the successful holding of the "factory open day"

in his speech, chairman Li Qiang briefly introduced the enterprise and reviewed the key work of the company in 2018 in terms of independent innovation, structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, intelligent manufacturing, construction of digital chemical plants, and building a team of artisans for Baoji. He said that in the new year, driven by the management mode of "intelligent leadership, two wheel drive, ingenious manufacturing and serving the world", the company will accelerate the implementation of the "April 15" action plan, and always achieve the "three insistences", that is, to adhere to the "never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind", adhere to strengthening the foundation, strengthening internal skills, and adhere to the "iron fist to grasp quality and carefully create brands"; One persistence: we should always adhere to the main business of machine tools; A firm belief: firmly believe that the Chinese people can make good machine tools, firm confidence, work together to create a new situation of high-quality development in the new era of Baoji Machine tools. He also said that the company will continue to fully support all agents, introduce new measures in terms of technology and services, build a new platform, and establish a solid cooperative relationship with all partners

the company awarded the "market norm Award", "new product promotion Award", "cooperation potential award" and "cooperation Contribution Award" to the selected outstanding agents of Baoji Machine Tool in 2019. The representatives of the agents said that the sincere cooperation with Baoji Machine tool has achieved win-win results, and looked forward to the future cooperation

at the meeting, Baoji Machine Tool Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, and academician Tan Jianrong made a report on intelligent manufacturing and intelligent equipment: key technologies and development trends

after the meeting, the guests visited Baoji Machine Tool Group's R & D and production base of high-end CNC machine tools and intelligent manufacturing base, had face-to-face exchanges with the craftsman team, observed the production process of machine tools, "Baoji cloud" platform and automatic production line, visited the creative works exhibition of high-tech talents, and praised the company's progress in intelligent manufacturing and high-end products in recent years. In the afternoon, the company's product promotion and expert forum were held

on January 19, Baoji Machine Tool Group held a supplier conference, which was attended by a supplier pointed out by Justin Jackson, an engineer of the project from more than 80 countries across the country. Chairman Li Qiang said in his speech that the company will continue to play a demonstration and driving role in the research and development of high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent manufacturing and industrial supporting. The long-term use has led to the oxidation of sealing rings, helping suppliers improve quality, manage and reduce costs. We hope that through this discussion and exchange, we can deepen mutual understanding and trust, deepen cooperation and friendship, and create a better future. At the meeting, excellent suppliers were notified and commended, and the "cooperation Contribution Award" and "Quality Improvement Award" of Baoji Machine Tool Group in 2018 were awarded. Su Zhongtang, the chief engineer of the group, made a product introduction and 2019 quality work requirements

following the "factory open day" held by Baoji Machine Tool Group in December 2017, the company held another factory open day to gather cooperation forces, seek future development, continue sincere cooperation, and open a new situation of win-win cooperation

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