The hottest little migratory birds are flying back

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Sany "little migratory birds" are flying back.

at 9 a.m. on August 23, the Sany group enterprise exhibition hall is full of childlike fun under the dress of colored balloons

in the hall, 120 parents and children from more than 50 families across the country from Sany pumping, heavy truck, Hong Kong Machinery, functional headquarters and other business divisions are active. In their laughter, Sany group "little migratory birds" parent-child care activities set sail again

company is the best gift I can give you

in two days, graphene was introduced into the interface layer of carbon fiber composite. The "little migratory birds" visited four parent-child projects: Sany cloud Valley, plant 18, science and Technology Museum, parent-child outdoor development and leshui magic cube water world

full of fun and knowledge, "little migratory birds" and their parents "feast their eyes"

at the end of the event, each participating family also received a trinity product model building block gift as a souvenir

employees and their families spoke highly of the event organization, and many family members left messages to express their sincere feelings for the company and the Event Hosting department. It should be pointed out that the scope of application of the formula is not limited to the following examples. Thank you

at present, the sub station has been built with an area of about 10000 square meters

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