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Liu Chuanzhi said: Lenovo wants to challenge iPhone with Le phone

at the "two sessions" held before this load measurement: adopting 0.05%fs high stability and high-precision spoke tension and compression sensor, Lenovo Chairman Liu Chuanzhi revealed that Lenovo will announce the latest device they have developed in April, that is, "the type of device plays the role of a computer". Yesterday, I learned that this mysterious product is Lenovo's "Le phone"

"on April 19, we will officially launch (Le phone) in the Chinese market." Yesterday, Liu Chuanzhi said in an interview that he did not announce the name of this product, but said: "this product will have a major breakthrough and is of great significance to Chinese enterprises."

"Le phone" is Lenovo's first generation terminal product in mobile Internet strategy. It was first exhibited at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas this January

"Le phone" is a product specially customized by Lenovo for mobile Internet content and applications. From the name alone, it is not difficult to see that the product is aimed at the most popular star product iPhone in the Chinese market

"in the past, the operating system and CPU were mainly computers. Now, after entering the handheld computer stage, this product has made great breakthroughs in both operating system and CPU." Liu Chuanzhi said

since Apple's iPhone got a great success in the market for baby strollers, electric baby strollers, children's bicycles and children's tricycles, its successful experience has also been valued and imitated by various manufacturers. Especially with the advent of the mobile Internet era, how to no longer just be a hardware manufacturer, but to launch products that meet the needs of mobile Internet is the biggest challenge for manufacturers at present

"Lenovo is a manufacturer mainly engaged in hardware manufacturing. The emergence of such products is both a challenge and an opportunity for us, but the challenge is greater. Develop large aircraft, because if you can't do it well, you can really only become what others call 'made in China'. If you do it well, you can also have a better gross profit margin." Liu Chuanzhi said

in his view, Lenovo has just entered the field of mobile Internet, but some well-known enterprises around the world have taken the lead and formed a certain potential energy. "In this case, Lenovo will have great pressure to form its own popular products." He said

at present, Apple has formed a mature industrial chain and business model on iPhone. In particular, Apple's highly successful app store has gathered about 100000 software and application providers. By January this year, the number of downloads of software and applications has exceeded 3billion

according to Liu Chuanzhi, Lenovo once lacked a long-term strategy and did not pay enough attention to R & D and investment, which is one of the important reasons why Lenovo feels pressure today. Fortunately, Lenovo holdings saved some strength in this regard at that time, so it can finally launch such a competitive product

but Liu Chuanzhi also admitted that if this product "doesn't work", it will also make the situation very serious. He claims to be 50% sure, but if the strategy is formulated correctly, even if only 5% of the experimental results are credible, he should persist in doing it

according to Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo Group, due to the high price of iPhone, its development in the Chinese market will not be so smooth, and Le phone will strive to become a mainstream product in the market by virtue of its cost advantage. He hopes that the price of Le phone can be reduced to about 1000 yuan within two years, and the sales volume will reach one million. First finance

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