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Some little knowledge about rainwater electromagnetic flowmeter

the service life of rainwater electromagnetic flowmeter should be more than years. We are very careful in every detail from sensor to converter. From design, material selection, process, production, testing and so on, every non-ferrous opportunity in 2014 lies in the link of "new materials + small metals", We design and customize the most advanced production line of special and electromagnetic flowmeter in China to effectively ensure the long-term quality of products

the sensor of rain electromagnetic flowmeter must be grounded separately and maintained equipotential to ensure stable measurement. The transmitter shell and both ends of the metal pipe should be well grounded, and the converter shell should also be grounded. The grounding resistance is 10 Ω. In order to avoid interfering with the signal, the signal between the transmitter and the converter must be transmitted by shielded wires. It is not allowed to lay the signal cable and the power line in the same cable steel pipe in parallel

The rain electromagnetic flowmeter is judged as unqualified. If your laboratory has old and new experimental machines, it may not affect the accurate measurement of the flowmeter in an environment without such interference. However, once the environment changes, the flowmeter cannot work accurately and stably, so we'd better protect the sensor grounding during installation to create a good working environment for the electromagnetic flowmeter. Sensor grounding is very important, especially when there is stray current interference in the pipeline, only good grounding protection can make the electromagnetic flowmeter measure accurately

the grounding ring of rainwater electromagnetic flowmeter is divided into ordinary type and protective type. Generally, the ordinary type is used. If the measured medium is abrasive, the protective grounding ring with neck should be used. To protect the lining at the inlet end and prolong the service life. If the electromagnetic flowmeter with a diameter of less than 200mm is lined with polytetrafluoroethylene, the grounding ring should be selected to ensure that the lining will not be damaged during pipe connection and installation. The grounding ring is usually stainless steel or HC alloy

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