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Small talk; Maintenance of offset press

in order to ensure the high quality of the work of the color page printer, the printing equipment must be cleaned. Usually we call it cleaning blanket, but it also includes the cleaning of the printing plate and ink roller

in order to ensure the high quality of printing work, the printing equipment must be cleaned. Usually we call it cleaning blanket, but it also includes the cleaning of printing plate and ink roller

blanket cleaning

blanket in printing machine is easy to stick with ink This increases the stretching space on dust and paper (coating materials that can be increased to more than 210 meters must be cleaned. Small printing enterprises usually use manual operation, using special cleaning cloth, disposable cleaning paper or other tools with cleaning agent, while large enterprises usually need to be equipped with special equipment to replace most of the manual operation.

Rubber blanket cleaning agent is usually composed of fatty carbohydrates, aromatic hydrocarbons and ethylene glycol diethyl ether Organic composition. The water-soluble detergent containing flocculation, surface activation, diamine and other cleaning substances can also be used for blanket cleaning, but it is not as extensive as the former

The word

typewash has been left over from history. It mainly refers to detergents with strong detergency, which are used to remove stubborn traces, such as solidified ink, etc. When it is necessary to loosen the fastening screw of the shaft sleeve connecting the swing rod and the push plate in the force measuring part (reading mechanism). However, it can also be used as a general detergent. Toluene, MEK, methylene halide and other organic solvents are its main components

printing plate and ink roller cleaning

usually, the fountain solution has a cleaning effect, which can directly remove the fragments such as dust and paper scraps on the printing plate, including the wall panel, without special treatment. But sometimes we have to specially clean the printing plate, which is usually done by hand, but be careful not to let the detergent pollute the fountain solution

occasionally, the ink tank and ink roller also need to be cleaned. At this time, first scrape the ink bucket as clean as possible, and then fmkt8y add detergent to the ink bucket cleaning plate to clean the entire ink roller system through the ink roller drive


usually the printing press needs regular maintenance, especially the gears, motor power system, transmission device and other parts. In addition, attention should also be paid to whether it is necessary to add or replace lubricating oil

in addition, the regrinding, correction or cleaning of ink rollers and the replacement of rubber blanket are also another work content of maintenance

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