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Xiaofu robot appeared in "China's good SaaS" Beijing station

on May 12, at the roadshow of China's good SaaS Beijing station, Dingfu technology's intelligent human-computer interaction system Xiaofu robot attracted great interest from the judges

after fierce competition, Xiaofu robot stood out from the 15 projects participating in the roadshow, and won the second place in the most vulnerable part 3 of Beijing division: SaaS products and teams with electromechanical value. As the winning team of the divisional competition, Xiaofu robot will participate in the finals of the first season of China's good SaaS at the 8th Sanya [it value summit], the most famous pilgrimage level activity in the IT industry, and show its products to the country's best CIO/CTO

the selection of China's best SaaS was initiated by itvalue, China's largest technology executive community and enterprise level Internet venture capital service platform. This is the world's first SaaS product selection, evaluation, recommendation and investment service platform for large-scale docking with enterprise entrepreneurs, users and investors

according to the organizer, China good SaaS has set up a professional evaluation index system, which mainly evaluates the participating products and teams from three dimensions: product dimension, team dimension and market dimension. The judges included more than ten well-known insiders on this basis, including the CIO of Digital China, the former CIO of China Southern Airlines, and Hu chenjie, an expert of the thousand person plan of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, Zhu Zhanbei, the CIO of Wanda Group, Xiong Fei, the director of Jingwei China investment, and Zhang Ying, the partner of Innovation workshop

Yang Kaicheng, chairman of Dingfu technology, introduced that Xiaofu robot, as the second generation of China's rich intelligent robot, adopts the domestic leading intelligent semantic cognition technology and dinfo-oec unstructured big data analysis and mining technology

compared with the first generation of robot products, Xiaofu robot has many advantages, such as human-computer interaction friends are very easy to break into small pieces, greatly improving the goodness, background maintenance free automatic support, multilingual automatic support ability and so on

as an intelligent human-computer interaction robot, what is the most remarkable feature of Xiaofu robot

Xiaofu robot supports more intelligent question answering, completely gets rid of the problem of low matching degree caused by the traditional question similarity matching technology, and breaks through the traditional question answering system's question answering experience based on single sentence. Xiaofu robot supports fragmented knowledge processing technology, and changes the traditional knowledge construction method of adding FAQs manually in the question and answer system. It does not need users to maintain a large number of FAQs, which greatly reduces the maintenance workload of the question and answer system. Yang Kaicheng introduced that Xiaofu robot supports omni-channel human-computer interaction, and supports app, SMS, web, etc., so that the composite related technology in the aviation industry can fully meet the large demand channels for composite materials in future projects

after discussing several questions with the judges, an investor judge has been moved by Xiaofu robot and said to Yang Kaicheng, chairman of Dingfu Technology: we have invested in a number of financial institutions, as well as manufacturing enterprises, including logistics, and several of them are controlled by us. Let's leave a contact information and I'll introduce your products to them

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