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Zhuji little inventor is awesome! Brain wave manipulator and aperture trash can won the new national first prize

when science and technology are prosperous, the nation is prosperous, and when science and technology are strong, the country is strong. Science and technology are the sharp weapons of the country, and young people are the pioneers of innovation. Young people are not only the main body of innovation, but also an important innovative force in society

in the just concluded "19th national primary and secondary school computer production activity", three students of Zhuji Paitou middle school "Xi mention" the national first prize and the national third prize of "creative Zhina final creation" of the high school group

before that, maker education in Paitou middle school has won awards in international and national competitions for many times, and the award in this competition has added a heavy touch to the "diversified development" of the school

design drawings, build 3D models, data analysis... The "small inventors" in maker lab are familiar with these professional scientific research methods. Their unique innovative thinking and practical ability allow them to imagine the future in the ocean of scientific invention

sterilization kitchen knife rack, brain wave manipulator, aperture trash can, hall entry violin... These restores need to distinguish between HDPE (low-voltage PE) innovative design "gizmos" that have not entered the public's vision and have emerged in the maker Laboratory of Paitou middle school. Let's take a look at these "brain holes" designs

"maker inventor" award winning work ▼

1 Si Shundong sterilization kitchen knife rack

2016 national first prize in computer production competition

in the kitchen, the kitchen knife used for cutting vegetables is essential, and everything we eat that needs to be cut passes through it, so the hygiene of the kitchen knife is very important. Maybe you will wipe it with a towel at home, and after repeated use, it is inevitable that there are bacteria on the towel, It may also hurt your hands when wiping, so this invention, you only need to put the watered kitchen knife into the kitchen knife rack, he can sense, and can sterilize with ultraviolet light, at the same time, it can be dried to prevent the kitchen knife from rusting, so this invention not only ensures the safety, but also ensures the health of your family during the experiment

2nd floor Jinyang brain wave manipulator

the second prize of the 2017 national computer production competition

truly practical products should come from life, so Lou Jinyang points to the disabled, a special social group, and gives people who have lost their hands a new "hand". They can directly control the hand "hand" through their own brain to carry out basic grasping. On the one hand, it can enhance their courage to face life, and on the other hand, it can make it more convenient for them to complete some daily actions

3 Zhu Shumin Rong Yi exhibition integrated management photosensitive lock auxiliary device

the second prize of Zhejiang Province in the 33rd scientific and technological innovation competition

according to our observation, the dormitory aunt needs to carry a large number of dormitory keys for dormitory management for a long time. It is not only difficult to distinguish the door corresponding to the key, but also extremely bulky and difficult to carry. Due to the need of convenient and fast dormitory integrated management, we have designed an integrated management photosensitive lock auxiliary device, Integrating many original keys into one, using photosensitive to unlock the task can better help the dormitory integrated management. The operation is convenient and fast, which greatly improves the efficiency, and solves the problem of the current domestic dormitory integrated management, so that the dormitory keeper can open the doors of all dormitories without carrying a large number of keys. Using a special password, a lock corresponds to a binary password, as long as the dormitory number is input in the key dial, One key to unlock

4 this structure has the advantages of high stiffness, high efficiency, stable transmission, etc. Yang Jikun aperture garbage can

the first prize of the 2018 national computer production competition

at home, I often get very upset because I often need to find a garbage can. From the new automatic following suitcase, I think of whether I can make an automatic following garbage can. Moreover, I also found that the opening of modern ordinary garbage cans takes up a lot of space, so I thought of using shutter shutter as the cover of garbage cans

5 Qu Yao hall introductory violin

the first prize of the 2018 national computer production competition

"music is always the best friend of mankind" this classmate has been learning violin. When she first learned violin, it was very boring, so she wanted to be a piano that can make new people happy. The learning of violin requires a lot of music theory knowledge and a lot of connections, Considering that most of his companions don't have enough time to practice, Qu Yao also wants to feel the charm of the violin, so he uses simple electronic components to simulate the timbre of the violin, so that people who want to learn can get started with this piano and master basic knowledge. People who simply want to play can also have fun with this piano and make more people like musical instruments

6 Meng Zhuoheng Braille e-book

third prize of the 2018 computer production competition

once, Meng Zhuoheng accidentally saw a Braille book in the library, and he happened to be holding a Kindle in his hand at that time. Therefore, Meng Zhuoheng had an idea: now is the era of digitalization, is there a way for blind people to read e-books? So Meng Zhuoheng returned to the school laboratory. He began to study various tactile originals, put them into the database of hundreds of books, and developed a Braille e-book, which provides convenience for blind people to read, so that blind people can also experience the fun of reading e-books

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