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The optimization design idea of the support sleeve assembly

1 the main role of the support sleeve assembly

through the analysis of the working process of the jack item, it is not difficult to find that the main role of the support sleeve assembly is as follows:

(1) it plays a connecting role, connecting the working piece limit plate l and piston 8 respectively, and bearing a certain axial load when the jack item is tensioning the steel strand

(2) it plays an important role in the return journey of the kilogram project, and the tool disaster piece 4 is listed to realize the daily release of the steel strand

(the tensile testing machine can be equipped with different fixtures, accessories, two-point extenders, and load elements for various tests. 3) it can accommodate parts such as paving ring 5 and play a certain role in sealing and dust prevention

2 design idea of integrated structure

for the official commencement of Shanxi Juhua 30000 ton aluminum based new material project to reduce manufacturing costs and improve the work efficiency of Qianjin project, we will optimize the design of the two components of the existing support sleeve from the following five aspects according to the integrated structure design idea of "two in one"

(1) cancel the parts of pressure head 202, and take measures to appropriately improve the hardness of the support ring, so that the tool piece 4 is directly placed on the inner end face of the support ring, so as to reduce the total number of parts of Jack items

(2) cancel the connecting thread between the support ring 201 and the support sleeve 203, and the two are combined as a whole to reduce the machining surface of parts

(3) design the internal thread in the support ring 201 as an external thread structure, and make the right end face of the working piece limit plate l directly against the left end face of the support ring 201, so as to increase the connection strength and reduce the processing difficulty

(4) improve the support sleeve 203 and piston 8, so that the two ends are also in contact with each other after threaded connection, so as to further increase the connection strength between parts.

(5) cancel the pin hole structure of the original support ring and support sleeve 203, further simplify the part structure, reduce the processing cost, and reduce the total length of the parts

the partial assembly structure diagram of the optimized Jack item is shown in Figure 3

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