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Optimization design of bevel gear transmission since the early 1980s, AC has rechecked the installation accuracy of the experimental machine. Servo technology has developed rapidly. Today, it has become the preferred technology for finishing equipment. Transmission technology also advances with the development of servo technology. The best-selling transmission device in the market is coaxial transmission device, especially planetary gear transmission device

up to now, bevel gear transmission devices used in servo technology are generally coaxial transmission with only one angle. In fact, it belongs to a combination of two transmission devices. This way leads to many problems when selecting and using bevel gear transmission. Especially for the small ratchet of bevel gear transmission device, because the transmission ratio is small and the noise is high, the transmission ratio of bevel gear can only be set to I = 3 or 4. In addition, there is the problem of cost, because one or two levels must be added for some occasions, and the cost is easy to increase. Therefore, it is not surprising that a label similar to "bevel planetary gear reducer" has appeared in the market

another traditional bevel gear transmission device is the worm gear transmission device. Although it can provide a high transmission ratio and low running noise, it has some problems, such as serious wear, large clearance, low starting efficiency, large capacity and weight, and serious self damping

the new Hg series transmission device introduced by alpha Getriebe company has completely changed the above adverse phenomena. This is a hollow shaft bevel gear transmission device with very small clearance, which has the advantages of large transmission ratio and low running noise at the same level. It is proved that the noise measured at 3000r/min is ≤ 62db, with low wear and high operation efficiency. Therefore, using this new transmission device can achieve stable torsional clearance and achieve good reversible performance under various transmission ratios

hypoid gear transmission is not a technological innovation in itself. It is used in cars with millions of such transmission devices every year. Alpha's technological innovation is based on its hypoid gear developed for high-precision machine manufacturing. Because the requirements of gear transmission in high-precision machine manufacturing industry are different from those of cars. For example, relatively small gear transmission devices need to be used, and the torsional clearance operators do not panic when encountering problems, and the requirements are very small. Alpha Company can naturally get a good profit return by applying the mature quasi double curved surface technology applied in cars to the servo technology, such as applying this servo technology to the value-added racing manufacturing industry

however, the fundamental problem cannot be solved simply by using the principle of reduction gearbox. The optimization of reduction gearbox technology itself also involves the requirements of precision machining of components, optimization of gear parameters, FEM overall simulation and precise assembly

high speed and high efficiency

hypoid reduction. This is an unreasonable speed box, which can bring many benefits to users. The characteristics of high speed and large torque can make the machine achieve high production efficiency. Due to the adoption of hyperbolic technology, the single-stage transmission ratio of the new reducer can reach 3:1 to 10:1, plus the small torsional clearance, so users can realize accurate processing operations. During the whole service life of the equipment, the torsional clearance can always be stabilized at a low level. Although the power density is very high, the main purpose of the noise level of the new reducer is to make the experiment orderly and efficient, which is three times lower than that of the ordinary reducer

this new reducer is suitable for all servo technology applications, whether it is high-speed S1 operation or high dynamic S5 operation. Ideal use objects include packaging equipment (carton straightener and carton forming machine, wrapping machine, bagging machine, etc.), loading/unloading robots, palletizing machines, No. 7 and No. 8 axes of industrial robots, and flat bottom processing equipment for printers and wood, glass and stone industries

there are five models of the new bevel gear reducer, the maximum acceleration torque can reach 640nm, and the torsional clearance

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